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Light up the stage! A singing contest [3/31 @8pm EST]

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The Happy Raven cafe is proud to host its first ever contest, a singing contest in honor the Little Ladies’ Day!

Anyone who wants to sing their heart out is more than welcome to participate! Spots are limited, so be sure to visit the cafe and sign up as soon as possible!


3 winners will be chosen out of 10 contestants by the cafe owner herself. She’s one tough lady to impress so be sure your act is the best!




As this is the first competition we’ve ever hosted, please be patient with us as we try to smooth it out! :>

To sign up, it must be in character, so feel free to visit when the cafe is open, or send me a tell on Zanel Aue, and we can meet at the cafe for sign ups! Once you’re in, feel free to message me here, on tumblr or in-game if you have any questions. The cafe is located in Lavender Beds ward 8, Lilly Hills sub apt #6!


➤ There are only 10 spots available! I am more than willing to allow groups to perform, but keep in mind only one person in the group will receive the prize if they happen to win. If you want to ask friends to be dancers in your act or whatever, you’re more than free to do so!

➤ No explicit songs please, this is an upscale cafe, not a bar/club. Same goes for your costume!

➤ You are free to come up with your own lyrics or use a youtube video. Feel free to request a song on the Orchestrion if you’d like. Anything goes! In the event a lot of youtube videos will be used, I can set up a a streaming site to make queuing easier, giving 2-3 minutes break in between songs to give contestants time to get ready.

➤ The cafe is always opened, so you are more than welcomed to come in during closed hours and practice on our stage!

➤ Please keep songs under 4 minutes.






1st place will win a Fat Moogle mount from the Mogstation!

(In the event you already own this mount, you can choose anything else from the Mogstation of equal value up to 29.99)

2nd place will win a Far Eastern garb outfit from the Mogstation!

(In the event you already own this outfit, you can choose anything else from the Mogstation of equal value up to 18.00)

3rd place will win a Doman Magpie minion from the Mogstation!

(In the event you already own this minion, you can choose anything else from the Mogstation of equal value up to 5.00)




[align=center]The contest will be on Friday, March 31st @8PM EST! Good luck to everyone who is entering and hope you’ll visit us for a night of good fun and melodies! [/align]

[align=center]The cafe will be opening an hour earlier, 7PM EST, to give a chance for a crowd to gather.


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This is terrific! ^_^ I'd like to enter if it were at a time I could more likely make!  Will see as we get closer to it if there are still slots open!


My friend, who runs the cafe with me, got a new job so unfortunately evenings are the best times for us to host this ; v ;''


But yes hopefully you're able to make it, the more the merrier! :>

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We are open!


Come visit us at Lavender Beds Lilly Hills sub apt#6!! We’ll be opened from 8-11PM EST!! 


You can also just stop by if you’d like to sign up for the singing contest! We still have 3 spots left to fill!!

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