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Is there anyone out there for me?

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U'saliah Karist sighed, looking about the beaches of Costa Del Sol.  The young Miqo'te wrapped her arms around herself, the cool breezes reminding her of the cold Sagoli nights.  It was nights like this that she wished she had someone to cuddle up with.  Back home, she might be able to share a bed with U'rahtalo, but then again, she might not, as the older Miqo'te might be with another of her many lovers...  And, besides, she wanted someone a little....well, a little less 'busy,' someone that she didn't have to share quite so much...


OOC:  My alt, U'saliah is looking for a romantic partner.  Not necessarily a wife (she is a Lesbian,) but at least someone to spend time with, both on adventures and off. As with most Miqo'te, she is Poyamorous, but wants something a little more stable than random lovers, perhaps a stable triad.  Players MUST be over 18, but otherwise there are no limits on age, race, or class/job. I am on most days, but only until 8:15 pm Pacific at the latest.

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Try a transfer to Balmung, Romance RP is quite popular with or without an ERP element. But such things should come with health warnings.


Ok, just to address the 'Transfer to Balmung' thing (for this, and I'll repeat this in at least one other thread.)  That's not happening.  While I am aware that transferring is possible (as opposed to the seemingly permanent Chargen lockdown,) I have too many friends on Faerie, and I both am Leader of a Free Company for a certain web forum and two linkshells, and not really wanting to see the former die again (we recently resurrected it after it imploded back a few months after relaunch, due to member leakage.) I do appreciate the thought in the suggestion, Nebs, but I really do have roots in place on Faerie.

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