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New to RP & Hello!


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Hello everyone!

I'm Ascy Anseya and even though I've been on Balmung and FF XIV in general (dragged here by a friend) for just about exactly 2 months now. I haven't gotten to know too many people outside the FC I joined, not helped by the fact I'm EU Timezone (Netherlands to be exact, and FC being 98% NA) and ofcourse the fact that I've basically never seriously RP'd prior to FFXIV. Though as awkward as I feel I'm (almost) always open to contact! Also I should add even though timezones mismatch I've grown fond of the ppl in the FC :3


Having a far-more-than-a-passing-interest for Bows & Archery I decided my IC would be absolutely perfect as an Archery instructor with a good chunk of hunting on the side. While he does also do mercenary work he's had a few bad deals in the past which sees him steer clear from most of those jobs, particularly from any source that isn't reputable. On the side I'm still perfecting my craft of becoming a Bowyer (bow builder (which does also mean I level carpenter yes)) as well as turning a fascination of straw hats into actually making those myself in my free time (along with the odd straw basket). The latter being what I like to call 'busy hands therapy'. As far as Archery instructing goes I'm basically a freelancer. By now I've already build up a decent collection of bows I really like (shadow bow, garuda's spine, bow of the wanderer to name my top picks) I generally dislike asymmetrical bows (forreals) with a few exceptions and I truly appreciate understated bow models. My first name Ascy is derived from "Ascender" or "Ascend" (OOC: Curtiss XP-55) which refers to the fact that I tend to look up a lot while idling and it's become a nickname which stuck.


I feel I'm a tad one-dimensional in all that, but it does also describe genuinely who I am (I tend to see myself as a relatively boring person overall). I have been struggling to contact people in general, because of the timezone but also because I'm new to RP (I can type, that's not the issue though!), because I like to avoid busy areas (which unsurprisingly is where most of the things happen) and because it's quite a big mental threshold for me to actually poke someone. Once I do get into a conversation though I feel I can hold my own and oh dear if the subject strays to my interests because I can and will ramble if you need me to.


Anyways, as you might have guessed I'm a Bard which is basically all I play besides gathering/crafting classes at the moment. This game has been absolutely fascinating and magical to me. That moment when you discover people can choose which fish they have in their fish tank, the light dimming when a cloud moves in front of the sun or generally the starry skybox at night, the millions of witty dialogue lines or innuendos and cool random background NPC interactions not to begin to mention the daunting but extremely intriguing RP scene which I never knew even existed to this degree. I'm here to stay for sure!

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Hey! My character Claire Hargrave is also an archer (though not quite as adept as your character it would seem!) who's also a tinkerer/inventor who has developed a rather... interesting array of 'special' arrows. They should totally hang so she can show them off, and he can buy them (ICly of course) because she's trying to earn funds to open up her own workshop!


If that sounds at all interesting to you, well.... get over that mental hurdle and contact me already! I am NA, so likely our timezones will only synch up Wednesdays and Sundays (my two days off), but regardless welcome to the rpc!

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As I understand there is a group of EU folks on server. My character takes archery and carpentry too but she only does carpentry to craft her own instrument. I would not worry about not wanting to be in high populated areas, there's a decent number of good folks who hang around Gridania and wilderness. I will provide helpful linkshell for you in an edit later when I have more time.

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Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC and to RP in general! :thumbsup:


Starting with a fairly dull and mundane character is definitely not a weakness- RP is a lot about character development and story evolution, so being able to build up from a blank slate is actually pretty good and leaves you with a lot of options for the future. The more you RP, the more of the story you'll start to pen, and before long you'll find your stride. Backstories and histories are all well and good, of course, but they're more a spice and perhaps some common ground to be shared with other characters. 


That said, if you want to get off to the races, tossing up a Making Connections post here on the RPC may help you quite a bit too. This is even more helpful if you have a general idea of what direction you'd like to take your character as well, because there are a lot of niches in the community. You can join a clan, a treasure hunting company, knowledge seekers, vigilante soldiers, or even organized crime. The possibilities are pretty well limitless!

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That sounds excellent i'll definitely keep an eye out for you!




As for the blank slate thing. Yes it's nice being flexible where to go but at the same time you have to make up half the things on the spot, which takes some effort. Definitely something that will get better over time I'd imagine.


I've taken a look at the Making Connections and i'll be sure to chuck something up there, though I figured this would be a better place to actually start for now ^^.


Thanks for all the warm words!

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Ascy! *Throws chocolate for messy noms* 


Definitely not boring, as you are pretty much a sunny greeting for me :D Now that I know you're a bard, however, I think Kathy may eventually become a nuisance in your future, mwahaha.

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Bard ingame. IC I don't sing :D Also I don't believe we have actually met yet? ^^ EU times...

Yet ... mwahahaha! Don't worry, Kathy will have Ascy singing. Okay maybe not, but if there's enough alcohol, maybe? Or maybe Kathy will sing? Either way, you have been targeted!

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