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Looking for new connections!

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Hello, I've rerolled my character and only recently finalized my new character's story. A lot of my old contacts has quitted or not really go well with my new character, so I'm looking to forge new relationships for her!


Kaila is the youngest child of 5 children between a Keeper father and a Seeker mother. Her entire family was murdered by one of her brother, Kaila barely escaping before her brother has gotten the chance to kill her too. Kaila was young and was not sure what to do, she did not know (and even till today, she doesn't) why her brother would do such a thing, but only one thing was certain to her, she had to run away, far from her brother's reach. 


She spent hours running away, only stopping to take short breaks to catch her breath before she departing once more. But there was so much distance the little one could run, and she was slowly getting hungry and exhausted. That's when she happened to catch a group of merchants walking along the road, the growling coming from her stomach just barely enough to push her to stick her hands in the cart, hoping for something that could ease her hunger. Unfortunately, one of the mercenaries who was suppose to guard the merchants caught her, soon on her knees as she begged for forgiveness. The merchant, however did not intend to let her go so easily, ordering the mercenaries to tie her hands and legs, throwing her in the cart eventually was sold to a slaver.


She doesn't know who or what her owner did. All she knew was that her owner had a lot of enemies. She was trained to use a set of daggers, studying the vital points or a human body and striking it accurately. The orders she was given varied from time to time, but a lot of it consisted of sneaking in to someone's house and stealing a particular something, tracking down where something or someone was, and even quietly killing someone without leaving any trace. 


While carrying out her owner's task, Kaila seeked an opportunity to break free from her fate, when one day, she managed to approach her owner quietly, on her own. She swiftly struck a dagger into the man's throat, grabbing a few jewelry and disappeared. After a few years, Kaila began to show herself in the public, introducing herself as an information broker, and a ruin explorer. Using her experiences when she was a slave, she also secretly takes jobs assassinating people, and doing all sorts of dirty jobs for her clients who do not wish to dirty their hands.


That's a short(?) background info about Kaila, and I've listed some potential hook ups if anyone was interested in approaching this Miqo'te. I'm looking for both friends that she can get along with, enemies that would try to stop Kaila from doing what she's doing, or perhaps something even more!


1. Maybe your character needs help locating someone or something. Kaila is an excellent tracker and also as an information broker, she should be able to use her network of informants to find whatever her client would need.


2. Maybe your character found a dungeon / ruins and need someone as both a guard and a scout? Kaila has been on a number of expedition, picking up a thing or two from the people who she was grouped up with.


3. Or you just need an antagonist in one of your personal / fc plots, someone who shows up and makes people's lives miserable. Kaila is and individualist first and last, willing to do anything if it were to benefit her in some way, even if it means harm to others.


Those were some of the ideas I've had, but if you had other ideas, shoot me a tell both ingame at "Kaila Menai" or here and we can talk about it in greater details! Looking forward to hearing back from you all and thank you for taking your time to read this!

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Hey there! 


So, there's not a whole lot of ideas I've got, but hopefully the ones I do have tickle enough!


For starters, you're welcome to run into Kasi sometime- she's a wandering mercenary, trader, cook, bartender, and has a plethora of connections in organized crime as well. She's definitely an evil character, though she has redeeming qualities as well- mostly in the realm of other Miqo'te, all of whom she considers to be kin and is actually fairly benevolent in those cases! 


As a more significant connection, there's the Mischief's Coven tavern, which is over in Lavender Beds, Ward 12, Plot 50. It's essentially a front for the mob, and we take on private contractors for events and independent storylines. There's no need to actually join the FC though- but that's an option there too, if you're looking for something like that! 


Details on both of these are available via my signature below.


Regardless, best of luck on the hunt!

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