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Villain role-player looking for connections.

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Hi everyone! I am currently and slowly working my way into the role-playing community within Balmung and wanted to see if anyone interested in gaining connections with a villain base character or needs someone to help move a plot forward or make one. A build for one if interest in a sense.



Currently I have my main character Lheott Dragmyr as my villain that has a front business of being a magitek builder as well as makes augments for those without limbs or eyes. Aside from that, he also runs an underground black marketing of human trafficking. If there is any interest in either of this, it could either be a role-play connection to his front business and working along side him with a contract in magitek or to be getting kidnapped and sold off as a slave and/or saved by someone in the nick of time. It is all depending on what someone wishes for my character to do, what happens, and what is comfortable to them for their character progression.



As of right now I am in the process of creating a website solely base on Lheott and his two businesses, but in the meantime I do have his disclaimer linked here: https://theffxivblog.tumblr.com/lheott 



I do wish to note that due to how extreme Lheott as a character can get, I do advise anyone that wishes to role-play with him to read his disclaimer and what to expect. Anything that is listed that you wish not to have done then do to tell me personally and I will know to avoid it.


Along with a few discretion, if there is a plot you wish Lheott to be involved in and/or would enjoy to meet him, please give me a poke on discord at Twili Z (Lheott)#7146 /on tumblr at Lheott.tumblr.com /or ingame on Lheott Dragmyr. I am also pretty new to the game's lore and wouldn't mind if someone would tell me something if it seems out of lore base! Thank you!

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You might like Coven actually. They are an evil aligned (with some good elements) FC that is basically the mob if you're interested in that stuff. I heard if you say a name 3 times you summon a bloodgod so here goes. *Takes a deep breath*






(Oh god he's coming, run!)

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jumps out of a screaming portal of virgins and blood





Yes, hello, kindred villain. I play one of two sadistic mob bosses leading a group of family misfits as we antagonize the world. So, you may well at least find yourself some allies among the Mischief's Coven and the characters there, who very much tend towards evil spectrum of antagonists. We have "purchased" player slaves and indentured servants in the past and pretty much reconditioned them in various ways, and we work OOC with player do-gooders who work to do some Batman-esque things in the future. 


All in all? All in the name of making sure everyone has fun (which I see is also pretty much your creed- so kudos!).


That said...



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I think someone loathsome like you could be really usefull in order to bring higher hope to Gridania (it's from a main evil that people unite for the bigger greateness!)


So, the elementals sent me an an audio on whatsapp telling me to tell you that Lucyfer Loire will contact you ingame and discuss some storylines around the Shroud.


You're welcome.

Thank you.

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Oh! Goodness, that would be swell! :D Maybe we can meet ingame if you wish sometime and plan out a meeting between our characters! I would like that.~ I am normally on the game everyday and during the night--But it would be better to contact me through discord to know when we could settle for a time. Kinda a random happening if not planned out. :)


But yes! Thank you for the feedback :D! I would love to meet the coven FC if you want, you guys sound right up my alley. Though Lheott is a lawful/chaotic evil type of guy (he can switch depending on the scene and unfolding events) He will follow someone if they proven to him they can be worth listening too. Meaning mostly fist fights between them and can hold their own against him. He ain't fold of magic users (neither am I honestly, so easily able to say you are this powerful with magic. All Lheott knows for magic is some aether-binding and rough course in healing.) 


As well, my discord tag is Twili z#7146 if you wish to make any plans or poke me ingame when I am on (which is around these days 3pm EST-5am EST) on Lheott Dragmyr, and plan out events between our guys.~ Hope you hear from you!

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