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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - Mobage hell

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So some of you might be playing that Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game.


I am not. Cause I can't handle more than one.


I am not ready to become a whale (ie help keep the games finances up) but I am a dolphin HEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEE


Sorry, y'all just missed out on FFXIV Raid, Y'shtola's the 2nd best healer in the game only to Refia with DualCast.


Anyway, anyone else playing?


Tactics' Orlandeau is very good.


Friend ID?

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She has no idea what Balmung has done to her Miqo'te family.

Grats!! Did you also pull enough for her wand and shit? I had to use lapis refills on orbs to get the last Hide of the Guardian to make her wand 5 hours before the event ended ; ;

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I got her from points I didn't pull her and I somehow had enough mats to make all her stuff. I started making a second accessory for her but I'm not sure if she can wear two. I'm an Exvius noob lol. Hoping to get that katana from red orbs but I spent so many red orbs awakening my other units.

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Oh yeah I meant pulls from the orbs since it was the only way to get her.


I hope you get it!!


I made the equips my priority so the mats for awakening are... at the bottom and I'm scrambling to buy them. Cause I need 3* and 4* awakening mats mostly. I am missing shit cause I haven't done the STORY LMFAO

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Not sure if I understand correctly.


The story gives you at least 250 lapis per day just for doing story. Every time you clear a stage you get 100 lapis plus the bonuses so you should be able to get 250 per day. Spending at least 5 arena orbs at the arena nets you like 40 lapis a day.


So you at least get a daily half off summon or you can use 300 lapis right now for the metal eggs.


Metal eggs summoning has given me shit like Metal Gigantuars, burst pots, megacites, gil snappers. On top of being new, I should be getting comparable equips from the egg event. Second Knife is an inferior Dual Wield, especially useful as new non-TM farming, f2p or just dolphin players. Which is what's what to do with NRG at the moment. I'm using the NRG to get the eggs and progress through the story. (I haven't been doing much of the explorations either, I missed Shiva,Golem,and Ramuh and had to get them on Sunday.)


Plus I need these nice +10% accessories while I don't have some good ones D:

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I hope everyone who plays had a fun time with the Vision of Bahamut Trial and Raid! They fixed the rankings the last day after bots swarmed by injecting max dmg without even logging into the game etc.


I know some orb lapis refills were done so I hope you didn't get kicked out of the reward tier.


My Orlandeau merc is going to reach 900+ ATK whenever I get Demon Mail, Black Cowl, and Balde Mastery done so if you want to friend me lemme know. If you want to bypass the friend unit list max, fb friends are unlimited afaik.

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Titan Raid: Friday June 2 1:00 - Friday June 16 0:59 PDT

Titan Trial: Friday June 2 1:00 - Friday June 16 0:59 PDT



Y'shtola, Minfillia, Thancred, Papalymo and Yda!


Papalymo TMR: Mag+20% HP+10%

Yda TMR: Boost Physical ATK evasion ATK+15%


Type-0 Judecca Event ends June 2

So does the Summon Banner.

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Just noticed this thread.  I started playing right at the tail end of the Ifrit raid.  Just long enough to go "Well, Y'sholta would have been nice."   Maybe I'll pull her with this titan raid.


Now dolphining along with Xon and Zyrus and a Minfilia who I can't six star.  (Hopefully her limited upgrade items come back with Titan).   Currently have a six star Xon as the companion.


Hit me up if you need a 100% paralyze or his loot bonus.

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All of the items should be coming back for Y'shtola and Minfilia! ^_^


Let me know if you want to friend me so I can add as a favorite and give you my ID.


Currently I have king set up as my companion for people to do the Judecca event and farm with bonus (with Odin 2* for his Bladeblitz cause King's attacks ARE SO SLOW OMFG). Otherwise I'd have this Orlandeau.


Orlandeau 6 Star

FFBEDB Unit Calculator

Right Hand: Genji Blade +107ATK

Left Hand: Excalibur +120ATK+Light Element

Head: Black Bandana +12ATK+20DEF+100%Sleep

Body: Force Armor +51DEF+13SPR+10%Fire/Ice/Lightning

Accessory 1: Ifrit's Claw +30ATK+20%Fire+100%Blind

Accessory 2: Radiant Egg +10%ATK+10%DEF

Ability 1: Dual Wield Equip two single handed weapons

Ability 2: Large Sword Mastery +50% ATK w/ Great Sword

Ability 3: Quick Assault +30%ATK +10%Evasion

Ability 4: Quick Assault +30%ATK +10%Evasion

Pot Stats: HP: 60 MP: 65 ATK: 34 DEF: 0 MAG: 0 SPR: 0

Esper: Odin HP:5000 MP:3900 ATK:6000 DEF:4200 MAG:2000 SPR:2200

Total Stats: HP: 5203 MP: 246 ATK: 877 DEF: 249 MAG: 144 SPR: 151


In about a month give or take, I'll have Black Cowl, Genji Glove (80%), Blade Mastery (80%), and I've been told I'm being a chicken on tackling Parade of the Possessed so I should also have Demon Mail. Which should put my Orlandeau at 990-1000+ ATK.


Then I could have a Noctis that looks like this.

Noctis 6 Star

FFBEDB Unit Calculator

Right Hand: Excalibur +120ATK+Light Element

Left Hand: Fryevia's Needle +92ATK+112MAG

Head: Black Bandana +12ATK+20DEF+100%Sleep

Body: Brigandine +41DEF

Accessory 1: Radiant Egg +10%ATK+10%DEF

Accessory 2: Magical Egg +10%MAG+10%SPR

Ability 1: Dual Wield Equip two single handed weapons

Ability 2: Follower's Oath +10%ATK/HP

Ability 3: ATK +30% +30%ATK

Ability 4: ATK +15% +15%ATK

Pot Stats: HP: 50 MP: 15 ATK: 10 DEF: 0 MAG: 25 SPR: 0

Esper: Ifrit HP:4500 MP:2200 ATK:5100 DEF:2800 MAG:2100 SPR:2100

Total Stats: HP: 4887 MP: 239 ATK: 644 DEF: 221 MAG: 325 SPR: 191

I'd need to get Sakurafubuki (only 30%) and 2 more Quick assault (only 1 more is at 21.9%)... a Blade Mastery and another Black Cowl ><

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Ye gods, how does one actually farm these trust rewards?  They seem to go up painfully slow.


My Xon is only at 380 attack and he's my hardest physical hitter currently.  Zyrus is doing much better at 495 magic, but I got his TMR more or less free from the Bahamut raid.

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A lot are dolphins and whales though you can farm trust master rewards without spending a cent. GUMI's official response is "we don't recommend but we won't say no and they're not against ToS." They don't recommend it because if you macro'd poorly, if you purchase lapis or delete/sell units that's on you and they won't facilitate giving anything back to you.


NOX or MEmu would be some phone emulators. Overnight macro of TM farm in Earth Shrine. So long as macros are a feature of the emulator (iOS or Android emulator) it's fine. Macro features of an emulator or OS are ok, pure macro applications are not. Pure injection is SOOOO not fine. (Some bots were injecting damage during the Bahamut raid and oh boy the rank drops)


There's actually a lot of videos on youtube and twitch where people us Nox or MEmu to show players how to play the game. RightHandMan on /r/ffbraveexvius does a lot of twitch streams and he does almost daily carry/strat guides! For example, he's still got a carry going on for the ELT Empire event though you might have issues with it since it does require having max'd healer and Xon etc. He's got a pure Gilgamesh carry coming this week!


Speaking of TM farms, enjoy this.




Also, pretty sure this Titan event is to coincide with Stormblood's launch. Everyone in Global thought this would take 5-7 months.

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Yup, TMs are mostly farmed using Macros. It's not allowed in JP, but Gumi allows it in GL for some reason.


So long as you're not doing something incredibly stupid (like injecting) you're fine.


I usually rock an Olive as my friend unit but since I'm missing hella materia and equipment I generally have her over around 840 ATK.


(Also I didn't care for Y'sh 'cause I have a Refia with Dualcast. I just need to go hard on the raid because of the TMs since they're better than plain ATK+10%)

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Also, the TMRs for FFXIV units will be upgradeable come Garuda Raid.


Papalymo's TMR is -great- for mages. HP AND MAG? Hot damn, hot damn.

I'm currently on my first Soul of Thamasa so I don't... have a dual cast yet.

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FFXIV TM "enchancements" (taken from JP wiki i believe)

Y'sthola x2 = +25% SPR (w/ Staff) + 25% DEF (w/Robe)

Thancred x 5 = +15% HP/ATK

Minfilia x2 = +15% All Resistances

Yda x 3 = +20% ATK +15% EVADE Phys ATK

Papalymo x 3 = +15% HP / +25% MAG


In Garuda Raid, we will be able to enhance the TMRs for FFXIV units by fusing TMR, here is how much you need for the enhanced TMR.

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Base NRG + 30 OH shit! QoL update!


New FFBE featured Summon starts tomorrow! Friday 6/9 1:00 - Friday 6/23 0:59 PDT

Here is DefiantHermit's Should You Pull?

Should You Pull? Even though there is/was little hype for these units, they're surprisingly solid. The 5★ is a very good chainer, albeit a bit hard to build upon release, the 2 4★s are a proficient chainer and healer/support units and the 3★ sucks as always has a very good TMR.


Speaking of TMRs, all 4 masteries are great! Fohlen has a great offensive/defensive helm, Amelia has BiS armour for Olive (and other gun users), Ilias has one of the strongest sheer SPR materias and Camille's is an alternative Dual Wield, even though it's heavily restrictive.


So if you don't have enough Dual Wields, pull for at least 1 Camille. If you lack decent chainers and/or play arena a lot (or have Olive), pull for at least 1 Amelia. Ilias is the only sketchy unit to pull, as his effectiveness fluctuates heavily, but he's an interesting unit regardless.


If you're a whale and don't have the Landus quartet, pulling for Fohlen might be okay, but he's not as good as them and there are definitely better 5★s coming in the future. If you're not a whale and pulled Fohlen, yay!



A new FFBE Vortex story Event The Gathering starts tomorrow too! Friday 6/9 1:00- Friday 6/23 0:59 PDT


New Trial Orthros/Ultros and Typhon NOW!!!!!!


Hero's Shield

DEF +48 All element Resistance +20%

Type: Heavy Shield


ELT Mission Reward for using Libra: Rod Mastery


Looks like I can't Orlandu Cheese and sadly I don't have teams built for survival xD;


If you ever need an HP % Threshold Guide.


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Vault of Hidden Treasures Thursday 6/29 1:00 - Thursday 7/13 0:59 PDT

Free 10+1 Summon ticket goes out 6/29. You have 14 days (until 7/14) to claim it from mailbox.

King Mog 1-year Anniversary Event Thursday 6/29 - 1:00 - Friday 7/14 0:59 PDT

Mog Raid Summon Thursday 6/29 1:00 - Friday 7/21 0:59 PDT

Macalania Woods Event Thursday 6/29 1:00 - Friday 7/14 0:59 PDT

Featured Summon FFX Thursday 6/29 1:00 - Friday 7/14 0:59 PDT







Got a few 5* with a little fishing and the guaranteed 5*. Did you go for the guaranteed? What'd you get? I got a second Gilgamesh. A friend got Noctis. Another got Tidus. Another got Emperor.


Also, a second compensation should be coming out for the login errors earlier today.

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Tilith first pull on the Brave Frontier banner, and I got a Rem (Guaranteed 5) + Aileen (Free 10+1 ticket) off the Anniversary shit. I also got Rikku within 5 pulls (with like... 23 tickets left), so I'm all set for that, too.


In between all that and getting WoL to Level 100, I'm not lacking in stuff to do and Aileen's enhancements apparently make her top tier. Plus, her Piledriver seems like it hits on the same frames as Phantom Shadow, so I can probably replace my weakest Chiz.


Still don't have my Apron for Olive, but even so IDGAF about Balthier so.

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Nice pulls Kellach!!!


Going to pull for -insert spoiler name- in about 1.5-2 months? (IDK if you know or pay attention to the meta for the future units or not)


Amelia's apron is pretty cool but I haven't been able to farm for the last month or so. After I finish Macalania I can actually be at ease putting my NRG into TM farming again.


I got Aileen off a 4* guaranteed ticket. Gumi please I don't need more chainers. I DON'T ACTUALLY NEED MORE 5* I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH GIGANTUARS TO LEVEL THEM.


I got a 2nd orlandeau last week on a daily and I'm just. I can't even keep up in trying to gear. god.

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If you got Lunera, congrats! Her enhancements in the future are great.

(Don't hard pull for her though that is not good on your wallet.)


Featured Summon Brave Exvius Friday 7/14 1:00 PDT - Friday 7/28 0:59 PDT

FFBE story Event (stages like Fohlen's) Friday 7/14 1:00 - Friday 7/28 0:59 PDT

Limited Time Trial Challenge Cid & Famfrit Friday 7/14 1:00 - Friday 7/21 0:59 PDT


Reminder that the Cid & Famfrit Challenge is time limited, and only available for a week so do it before Thursday night ends! (Find a Tidus friend??? for ease and bring Fingersnap or some other Dispel to use on Cid. Don't be Kage and Chuck Norris it through 999% DEF+SPR buffs.)


Some good upcoming banners that are confirmed??

NieR Automata is coming to Global!!!!!! 9S is good, 2B is amazing (5* DUH). Chain all the 2B to defeat Aigaion which seems to be the trial people will hate.

Be the 2B you always dreamed to be.


There's also a very good banner related to FFBE units but it's story spoilers! Sorry


With expeditions being -wonderful- (GO GET THAT ADVENTURER IV! I BELIEVE IN YOU), here's a resource:


With more and more enhancements on the way (and if you care to possibly be spoiled), this resource is good to see how good you are on farming awakening crysts!

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Hey hey, it's here. It's NOT NIER! (I bet it's coming next though. Or after the FFXI event).


So if you're gonna dolphin or whale... It's the Dark Veritas and Flame Veritas AND TIMOTHY Banner!


Dark Veritas is DarkLandu. Also, one of the best TMs for your ATK DPS

Flame Veritas is a decent finisher.

Tim and Victoria are nice too. Do your daily pulls! You can do it!


(I need 3 DV for my two Orlandu and a DV /shot. I wish I had the cash whales had)


Heads up! Maintenance is tonight!!


Maintenance Tuesday 8/1 23:00 - Wednesday 8/2 7:00 PDT

Featured FFBE Summon (Veritas!) Friday 8/4 1:00 - Friday 8/18 0:59 PDT

FFBE story Event "Time for Revenge" Friday 8/4 1:00 - Friday 8/18 0:59 PDT

Limited FFT Trial Grand Seraph Ultima Friday 8/4 1:00 - Friday 8/11 0:59 PDT

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