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Welcome..! I am pretty new too, hah. Well to the whole game and all. I hope we can be friends and roleplay soon! Also, if you have any idea characters shoot them my way!

xD Please. 


Welcome yourself! Maybe we can pool our resources and manage to concoct one solid character, through sheer force of will and lots of coffee.



Let's do it! Hehe.

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void main ()
cout << "Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC, Balmung! :thumbsup:";
return 0;



Miqo'te master race.


Anyway, it helps to have a direction picked out with any new character. There's a lot of different community niches out there so it can get a little overwhelming with making connections in general. There's everything from treasure hunters, to mercenary companies, knowledge seekers, Miqo'te clans, and even organized crime. It all really comes down to what tickles you the most!

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Weeelcooooome! That's so amazing! I'm glad you decided to join us!


My best advice is to hop right in! Don't worry too much. You can let people know, gently, that you're new to RP if you'd like! That might help.


I love crafting based characters. I'd go for it! Think about what sort of specialty she might have an alchemy. It could be anything you can imagine applying to the field, not just those things available to make in game :)

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--Character ideas/info ♥ I'm partial to Miqo'te, and I have no shame in hopping on the catgirl bandwagon. I'm leaning towards a non-combat-centric character, with a dominant/matriarchal personality, possibly focusing on an occupation like alchemy. (Possibly lab-rat/guinea-pig RP, because I'm a jerk.) Very open to suggestion, but I also am just dipping my toe in and might go a completely different direction. I'm not very familiar with FF14 lore (or FF in general. I know, I'm a bad nerd. plz give wrist slap.) so backstory will be a challenge to work out.


Just to help in this process... if you want a matriarchal character, that sounds very much like you want to play a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. They have a matriarchal society so you'd be all set there. Then, the alchemy stuff can be covered by... well... alchemist. As a fellow "crafting"-centric character (Armorsmith specifically), it's very possible to run a character who isn't completely combat-oriented. And I've done some RP before with an NPC who messed around with potions (well, he called them "konkoctions" - clicking his tongue on each of those k's) and whatnot to various effects who was decently well received.


... And even if she does get in a fight, you could probably go the old FFT chemist route and hock potions at things (or if you really want to get meta with the FFT-chemist angle, level MCH for the gun).


So you're pretty good to go on that angle, and if you have any other ideas or questions regarding lore and whatnot, there's plenty of folks here who can cover that for you.

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Hello and welcome to Balmung and the RPC! I wouldn't worry too much that you are new to RP as I think you will quickly pick that up through watching or participating in a few interactions. I would definitely look through the guides posted on here to at least give yourself a head start on what to expect and how to do what you want to do.


If you have any questions at all or want a low key environment to try out your RP voice feel free to reach out in game or through a message here!


Best of luck and I hope to see you around for RP sometime :D

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Welcome to the RPC AND RP! It sounds like you're going to have a wonderful time. I think, as mentioned before, feel free to watch others rp and don't hesitate to reach out and take a look at people's profiles. That can help you get an idea of RP! Sending messages to people here to set something up has always worked out well for me!


Again, welcome!

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Aah, I had noticed little notes about matriarchy in the naming conventions. I wasn't sure if that was reflected in their culture, or just a naming quirk- definitely will look more into it now. Also thank you I am now enamored with the idea of getting potions for my POTION GUN.


I will never apologize for promoting the idea of a potion gun. :P


And yes, it's very much a culture thing for the Keepers. Sounsyy almost certainly has a better breakdown on it somewhere... but the general gist is that the families are primarily female-dominated and led while the males sort of wander about to contribute to continuing the species and never really staying to participate in the family circles. Something like that.


And just as an added note to something that was touched on by you and Aya... I'm sure you'd be just fine goofing around with potions and the like that aren't strictly canon. Though how much you can play around with it will likely depend on who you're RPing with. You should be good enough for the most part, though, as long as you're not making Eorzea's equivalent of Captain America's Super Soldier Serum or something. :thumbsup:

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