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Connections for a cheeky, yet charming courtesan.

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[align=center]Hello everyone! I'm quite new to the FF roleplay community, but no where near being new to RP. 10+ years are underneath the belt so to speak.[/align]



[align=center]I'm currently looking for a number of things for my character. [/align]

[align=center]What do these include?[/align]



[align=center]You may contact me here, on discord (Ookie#3465), or in-game! 'Z'rijuh Lhune'[/align]




Anything having to do with the underground market trades. This can result in Z'rijuh becoming involved with king pins, drug runs, and everything else underneath the rainbow. 



 People to gather information from, particularly the richer crowds. 

(Those of the wealthy often hold the biggest, juiciest secrets)

Other courtesans. Be them rivals or friendships, they gotta' stick together! 



Clients for both sexual and non-sexual entertainment. This can include inviting him to celebrations and parties to where he'll be instructed to dance, sing, and possibly play the harp. 









And most important of all ...plots, plots, plots

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Hi there Ookie!


Boy do I have a deal for you!  Here at Mischief's Coven, we got all that your lookin' for and a side of fries! :D


We got mob connections...

A maniacal mistress...

a few drug lords...

A courtesan or two...maybe three...

Mercenary mercs...

Bi-weekly events where you can come shake your groove thang and probably find a client...


and a linkshell to plot everything!


You can read more here - http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=17879



Besides all that, welcome to the server!   My character runs the tavern at Mischief's and 

is always willing to chat with people. 


Give me a poke next time you're in game and I'm on and we can get some RP started.

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Chi is always down for friends!


Chi is a good aligned mage sort character. Healer if you ever need one (all tho not great at it. She has natural ability but is a bit of a klutz & still very much learning.) She also has a small flower shop within the lodge she works at. So if you ever need to deck yourself out in pretty flowers or get a present for a favorite client or lover! She "sells" flower pins, flower bouquets, flowers + vase. IC gil. Bonsai at request - but I may need gil for those suckers, vendors sell em at 16k. (of course at cost)


Having never met a courtesan, if the profession comes up in conversation. She /may/ ask curious/awkward questions.


She also does events with her sisters, handing out flower pins. We don't do adult themed ones, but any non-adult ones are good! (mostly because I feel like they would be more disruptive than help at those with giggling and talking >.>;

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