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Hi. I'm new to this.


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Hey, everyone.


I've been kind of skimming this site for the past few days and it looked interesting to me. I'm not much of a roleplayer (though I dabbled in FFXI and LOTRO). I'm kind of on the fence about it, to be perfectly honest, since none of my friends who I play MMOs with do it. Personally, I've found that I can't see my MMO characters as simple avatars and I'm not satisfied unless they have an extensive back story and reason WHY they're doing what they're doing in the game, so maybe RP is the right path for me. Even in the (ten or so) MMOs that I haven't roleplayed in, I've always had a great respect and interest in the RP community, so I see this as (potentially) my first step into a larger world.


Anyways, just thought it'd be a nice gesture to say hello now that I've registered with your fine site here. Wouldn't want to be the rude quiet guy in the corner.

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Hi there! The welcome wagon will be around shortly. For now, there are some great 'getting started' guides here on the forums, composed by our lovely Eva. Also, you'll find a good deal of the game's lore so far in the wiki section (under lore ;) ).


Enjoy your stay and please feel free to ask any of us any questions you have. We're a friendly bunch.

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Hello, hello! Nothing wrong with sitting on the fence, but if you'd like a hand down, we're certainly here to help. Well also let your escape back over the fence if you find you're not into RP, too : P. No judgement, heheh! Like Kerr said, we try to be a friendly bunch, so please make yourself at home :).

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Welcome to the site!


I was in a similar situation before I started RPing regularly on MMOs, myself! My current friends didn't do it, so I found it difficult to get into. I managed to jump in, however, and met even -more- friends because I did so! It's a great way to get to know additional people and enjoy your 'down time' in an MMO instead of idling somewhere, for example. ;)


Hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions or want to test out RPing or anything! :D

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Welcome welcome!  Nothing to be ashamed of and entirely your choice whether to participate with RP or just kind of enjoy it from the sidelines.  Everyone kind of finds enjoyment in it in their own unique way.


You've probably already found it by now, but I know Kerr mentioned the RP Handbook some of us scraped together recently.  That might be a good place to kind of start out.


Of course as everyone has said we're all pretty friendly, so if you have any questions or anything just ask.  :thumbsup:

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So I decided to dive into this community like a bat out of hell. If you've posted in this thread and have a character wiki, odds are I've already read it. I went to the wiki page and looked for all the familiar names. You're all creative and I like that. None of what I read seemed cliche or unimaginative. Plus they were all vastly different from each other. I put mine up there, which I've been brainstorming for about a week. Check it out if you want (:

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