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Plausible sounding technobabble, and MCH lore questions

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So I reckon that if I'm going to be roleplaying as a MCH in this game, I should go full speed ahead with magitek technobabble. Problem is, I don't want the techno-babble to sound too sci-fi sounding: even for the Allagans, "artificial nucleosynthesis" would sound kinda weird, because I don't even know if the idea of protons, neutrons and electrons exist in the setting as they do IRL.


So, anyone more creative than me willing to come up with some specifically magitek-sounding technobabble, or share any you've used? Obviously this is taking liberty with the lore (like I do below), so feel free to get creative!


What I have lying around:


Aetherchemical Quantagrams.

Metabjuric Matrices.

"Aerotheric translocation by controlled coterminal plane-space warp" - teleportation

"Zero-point energy" / "inconservative energy" - force created by magic




Aeromantic Infadibulum (pronounced AIR-oh-man-tik ihn-fah-DIHB-uh-luhm) is the name artificers and historians in the know have given to a theoretical branch of magitek the Allagans used to power their floating devices, wheter they were the size of cities or a plate. It is believed to have been a combination of theoretical Hard Aeromancy and electro-thaumaturgy.






Step 1: Ether-charge the dynamo server. If this doesn't work, cross the poli-ellipsoid aggression relay.

Step 2: Replace the pyrolithic sub-node. If still in standby mode, prime the necrochromatic over-field. Tweaking the multiphased polarity is only recommended if you have access to a lunographic fastener.

Step 3: If construct is still in stand-by mode, cut the yellow copper wire.

Step 4: If cutting the wires doesn't work, push the triangle thing, jiggle the round thing, or twist the square thing. If that fails, curse at it.





Also, question about Machinists: do all of the bullets they fire simply created from the Aetherotransformer, or is that only "special" ammunition?

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Also, question about Machinists: do all of the bullets they fire simply created from the Aetherotransformer, or is that only "special" ammunition?


A Machinist's firearm fires real bullets/slugs. The aetherotransformer powers the Machinist's tools and attachments, such as the Gauss Barrel - which, utilizing lightning aspect, greatly increases the velocity and penetrating power of the machinist's bullets. It can also provide extra juice for normal rounds, which is likely where the "ammo" reloading buffs come in.


Slug Shot: Swapping out standard bullets for an oversized slug' date=' this shot impacts the target with shuddering force. In this fashion, a trained machinist employs various techniques to take advantage of a multitude of custom ammunition.[/quote']

Gauss Barrel: An attachment for machinist weapons. By infusing the barrel with the aetherotransformer's accumulated energy' date=' the velocity and penetrating power of subsequent shots are substantially increased.[/quote']



The war with Dravania rages on, brutal and unrelenting. With no end in sight, the Holy See grows desperate. As her dragoons lay down their lives in defense of their home, Ishgard turns to technology to protect her sons and daughters. Great cannons and ballistae now line the city walls, plucking dragons from the sky.


Following the example of Cid Garlond, who has demonstrated the potency of magitek, the Skysteel Manufactory works tirelessly on the development of advanced armaments. As new and devastating weapons are brought to the fray, a new class of champion arises to wield them―the machinist.

The manufactory here is run by House Haillenarte. From cannons to ballistas' date=' we develop an' manufacture a range of weapons what are made for slayin' dragon invaders. We also dabble in machinistry - that's a technology what combines Master Garlond's magitek with traditional aetherology. All our machinist firearms are built on its principles.[/quote']

Basically' date=' a machinist is someone what wields a firearm. But it's the aetherotransformer worn at her waist what makes her different from other marksmen. This machine converts the aether found within a person's body into lightnin'-aspected energy, which then powers the machinist's arsenal of specialized devices an' techniques.[/quote']

Aetherotransformer: This device converts the wearer's aether into lightning-aspected energy' date=' which is in turn stored within the transformer's crystal cores. The machinist then draws upon this accumulated energy to both power and enhance her unique repetoire of weapons, requiring her to master skills far beyond those trained by any mundane musketeer.[/quote']

Do you recall Rostnsthal's explanation of the aetherotransformer? That contraption at your waist will convert your body's aether into the lightning-aspected energy required to power the turret. You need simply place the weapon in position' date=' and it will fire upon whichever foe you yourself attack.[/quote']

By redirecting the energy generated by your aetherotransformer' date=' you will be able to charge a bullet with lightning, and thereby stun the target of your shot.[/quote']

I don't understand' date=' me lordship. Most Ishgardians ain't hardly aware that machinists exist.[/quote']

This double-barreled firearm features a unique form of propulsion that relies on a wind crystal-pressurized cartridge rather than the explosiveness of firesand. A lack of confidence in this overly ambitious design led to the weapon being falsely peddled at market as an invaluable antique to recoup the costs of its construction.

This antique firearm was the first of its kind to feature a cylindrical magazine' date=' allowing a marksman to fire multiple shots before reloading. The design was still popular when the imperial army came into formation, and exquisitely decorated revolvers were commonly issued to officers whose rank afforded them the title of "tol" or better. It is not known by what route it came to the hinterlands, but the Sharlayans were said to keep a pristine model of the weapon in the Great Gubal Library as part of their efforts to catalog the history and knowledge of the known world.[/quote']

Excavated from the Allagan ruins at Silvertear Falls' date=' this firearm appears at first glance to possess multiple barrels. Closer inspection of its irregular mechanisms, however, reveal the weapon capable of firing only single shots, with the motion of the central cylinder intended to spin the bullet and stabalize its trajectory. The lightning crystals imbedded in its frame are assumed to serve the function of increasing a shot's initial velocity.[/quote']



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Thanks for the compilation! My character is super big on anything Allagan related. I wanted to say that she carries around an actual Allagan firearm but I'm not sure if that would be too much and have it just be a "replica" like it actually is (I have the replica Allagan pistol as a glamour). I've taken to calling it a Bolter, because I don't know, the Allagans wanted to call their weapons cool names.


Though, given that many people casually throw around fireballs, channel the energy of primals, or do anime-esque king fu moves ( or just anime moves in the case of the dragoon), I'm sure having a sci-fi tech weapon like an Allagan firearm wouldn't be too out of place.

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