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Now that I am here, what do I do? An introduction to Eorzea.


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Now that I'm here, what do I do!? 

A what-you-might-want-to-know guide to finding your place in Eorzea



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RPC Moderators



Have a suggestion? Need help figuring something out? The Moderator team is here to help. This is who we are: 










Do you think something is broken? Can't find the right buttons? Then we have the technical team you can ask: 

Unnamed Mercenary 



New to Eorzea? 


Q: Why do people refer to this site as "the RPC?" 

A: It is the shorthand for Roleplayers Coalition. This thread will use this shorthand from now on. 


RPC Site Rules

- Rules for the whole site, including the wiki. 


RPC Wiki

- The RPC's wiki. Create a page for your character here, if you wish. 


RPC Player Directory

- European Directory, Jenova Directory.. So many ways to find people & let them find you!


RPC Making Connections

- Advertise yourself! List your characters information and hooks. Find people to RP with!


FFXIV Lodestone 

- Official news hub, character look-up, item database etc. 


FFXIV Official Forums

- There's a snazzy lore section, among other categories. 


Aysun's Legacy and Non-Legacy: What does it all mean?

- Ever wondered why Balmung is a legacy server? 



Lore & RP Resources 


The Role-Play HandbookRole-Play Etiquette | A beginners guide to Role-Play | [1.0] Synopsis of the Seventh Umbral Era Story | Lore Tidbits | Timeline | Roegadyn Dictionary | Naming Conventions | Time & Measurements | Sounsyy's Lore Compilations Index | General Lore Questions



Linkshells & Free Companies 


Finding a Linkshell or Free Company:


At the top in our menu you will find links to the Free Company and the Linkshell hall.

Here you can browse various listings to find descriptions and contact information about various opportunities that might fit your character, sorted by server. 

A linkshell functions much like a chat channel and is often interest based, every character can join up to 7 linkshells. Free Companies function like traditional guilds do, offer some perks and every character can only join one of these. 

Overall, both offer great ways to connect, network and communicate with the RP community in FFXIV. 


Making & Maintaining a Hall Entry: 


If you happen to lead a linkshell or free company, why not get a listing on the go so you can capture people's inspiration? Start by selecting the Hall that fits your purpose. If your Free Company is dualistic, meaning that you also have a linkshell, you may make two listings. 




Once you are ready, click Add Linkshell or Add Free Company. 


Now you can add in the basic information. This will appear in the size of your finalized listing. 




In the top of the listing creation part, you have additional tabs. The Main Page is where would typically have your description, banners/pictures and contact information. Click around on some of the other listings and get inspired! (Just don't straight up copy anyone, that is not cool.) You also have custom tabs, which work similar to the main page, but are separate - good for elaborating on all of those juicy details!


Linkshell & FC hall listing have to be "bumped" (posted in, replied to) by their manager or e.g an officer from the linkshell/fc once every 2 months, else it will be archived! 



The RPC Wiki 


The RPC Wiki contains a lot of great information contributed by the many lovely individuals in our community. However, it is most well known for the plethora of character biographies you can find there. 


To access the wiki, click on the link in the top menu and log in using the same username and password as you log into the RPC with. On the front page you will find a quick start guide, along with links to templates you can copy and use as you see fit! 

If you want, you can check out other people's pages for inspiration by hitting "random page" in the menu. Just remember not to copy anyone's page word for word, and do not use templates that have not been clearly stated to be free for use! 


Having a wiki for your character can be good for: 

- Inspiring connections 

- Putting out hooks 

- Getting some player rumors on the go 

- Keeping track of your characters information & relations 

- You can even add a little gallery to it to show off art and screenshots! 


Wiki Guidelines: 



- Be Creative!

- Ask for help! Post on the RPC!

- List your character with a first and last name!



- Do not create stray wiki pages (blank character or otherwise)

- Do not edit others profiles without permission.

- Do not post PG18/NSFW content.



Additional Good-To-Know things: 


- At the bottom of most pages you can choose how you wish to sort your content

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