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Hey, all! I'm glad to have stumbled on this site because for a long time I've always wanted to get into serious role playing.


I'm also very new to Final Fantasy XIV in general just reaching my first character to level 50. I'm currently in an FC who is open to most ideas besides role playing but I'm more than interested in continuing my adventure with fellow role players.


So yeah I've experienced nothing but a really sweet and helpful community from even casual players and I'm positive the role playing community will be just as welcoming! I'm currently on Cactuar playing with some good friends but I'd be willing to hop to another server if possible maybe after I've reached a point where I'm fully comfortable with the game (also to not disappoint and still have some play time with my friends. hehe)


I'd love any and all advice and am very stoked to make new friends!


Thank you, all! :cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::tonberry::tonberry::tonberry::chocobo::chocobo::chocobo:

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What Kasi said!


I've never been on the other RP server(s).. But I can confirm that Balmung is often very packed with RP, even when you're often 5 or 6 hours ahead of the main bulk of players like us Europeans are! 



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