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Don't remember if I posted about this or not, but... update!

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Howdy peoples!


I don't remember if I posted several MONTHS ago about my lungs dying and kinda... left it at that and went rather silent for the most part, but I figured I'd take a peeksy into the forums again and give all of y'all an update!!


So for a rough idea of what I've had done----


Over 50 large tubes of blood drawn over the course of the months.

Several arterial blood-gas drawings (if any of you have enough experience in a hospital, you know those HURRRRRRRT like an Au Ra's tail being tugged too hard!)

And over 30 tests performed.


After some deliberation, they had at first decided to wait a little bit, so that they could finish getting some tests done, but after this most recent visit to the doctor in Birmingham, we are pretty adamant that they are going to be listing me for lung transplant soon; hopefully by the.. oh.. middle of next month or so?




We've gotten that bit of goodnews, along with some other good news; the transplant coordinator is writing letters that will hopefully //guarantee// me getting Social Security Disability payments that I've been having to fight for for 2 years. 


And the other letter will hopefully get my family's insurance to pay for a portable oxygen concentrator, so that I can forego those lousy heavy tanks~! <3


Also, if things go according to other plans in regards to finances, it looks like me and my mum will be staying in an adorably cute RV trailer when we have to move to Alabama for the wait list! :P

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Oh, that all sounds awful and sad that you and your mom are having to go through all this, life can be quite cruel.


I absolutely admire your positive forward look and I hope that through all this you can enjoy some of the things that can make you happy and give you hope.


I have a daft dream to live in a long boat and potter between places to work along the canals, so a cute trailer sounds kewl to me :). At least it could be an adventure.

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