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Conman/Info Broker/Fence/Middleman seeking shady/underworld contacts and FC (EU)

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Now that I settled in well on Balmung, it's time to build a network of contacts and find a decent free company, preferably with majority of EU players or players/people active during GMT evenings! Check my info for my usual gaming hours. I'm looking for any underworld/criminal/shady/corporate themes and any IC information worth Gil to the right people.


Know something about your competition/rivals/enemies that could earn you money and harm them while at the same time benefit someone else? Mr Tate is the person you want. Got your hands on some 'hot' merchandise, don't know where to go with it? Mr Tate can find the right people for you, or take it off your hands for a decent handful of coin and move the goods himself. Need someone taken care of? He sure knows the right man for the job. A true go-to man for all your illegitimate needs.


The character has been described in another post but I'll paste that description here to make things simpler.


Daniel Tate is an opportunistic bottom feeder of the Ul'dah underworld. Greedy and largely selfish, he doesn't have what it takes to break through to the top, so instead he scrapes by as a small scale information broker, translator, fence, conman, middleman, pusher and errand runner. Whatever he can make Gil on, he's a self proclaimed jack of all trades.

He tries his best to know all the important people and, with some luck, make some Gil off their business. Though ending up in a ditch with a few broken ribs is never unlikely.

He's good with numbers and languages, used to work as an accountant in his hometown of Vesper Bay where he also often dealt with foreign arrivals. He enjoys spoiling himself with luxury and company, cares for very little, but can be very loyal and attentive to those he considers worthy of it. Others he pretends to care about just to make them easier to exploit. Which one are you?

Formerly a student of a yet to be specified magicians' association/academy. Expelled for misconduct.

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I play a fellow shady type that's mostly an info broker/spy. I'm on PST but I'm a night owl so I'm up a lot at EU times.


Hit me up in-game. If you have Discord you can toss it to me via PM, easier to catch up that way as sadly it's impossible to add offline people to your friends list :/ Would be fun to see how we can make this work!

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Our hours likely won't bump given we're predominantly set in the EST time zone; But the cool cats of Orchid 317 might be just your sort; We run a hookah lounge as a legitimate front, with all sorts of shady and questionable under the table arrangements run through it's back doors. 


You can contact Percival Derolo, Stroud Forscythe, or Eshea Tende in game OOC or IC - at W12 P40 of the Mists.

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