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Here comes a new challenger !


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Hello everyone !


It was about time I took the time to really show myself over here.

You can call me Keo, I am 26 years old and I have been playing FFXIV since Decembre 2013. I recently joined (like, today lol) the discord about the new EU RP server.


That is the sole reason I am finally showing myself ! \o/ For a very long time I have been thinking about moving to Balmung but, yeah, I wasn't willing to pay and move over there, leaving behind all the friends I made on the EU servers. I wouldn't even be able to play with them using cross-server PF.


So, quick introduction : FFXIV is my first long term MMORPG. I tried BDO, got bored, GW2, got bored. FFXIV is the only one that hooked me for so long.

However I have never tried to roleplay on MMOs. I have been a huuuuge role player on forums, which is quite different for what I've seen. And I'm french ! Last year I couldn't speak a word of english, I could write a bit and that was it. I keep on improving and it is very motivating.


As for my character, Keo has been quite a few things ever since I started ; a male miqo'te, a female hyur, then female miqo'te, then female lala, then female miqo'te, then lala again, then female miqo'te, then female au ra, then female miqo'te... aaaaaand I'm back to au ra lol.

That said I always had the same background in mind for her ; since I have been a huge hunter, spawning S ranks all the time, leading a team of spawners, teaching what I learned with hunters from other servers, I always thought of Keo as a veteran hunter. She would travel accross the lands to hunt down threatening monsters.

I do have another character though, Kiba, with which I wanted to roleplay. But never got the opportunity.


I learnt about the coalition through an old friend, who might not even be here now that I think about it xD He told me about it some time ago, then he switched server. And the story ends here ;-;


I suppose there's nothing much to say about my personnal life to be honest, I am pretty normal with a normal lifestyle.


Anyway, nice to meet everyone here, and I hope I won't be too shy and run away ! :D

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Just reading your post, I would not have ever guessed that you learned English just in the last year. That is amazing!


Welcome to the RPC! There is plenty of RP to be had, on discord, live in game, and in the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!

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