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Hello RPC! My wife and I have decided to join your lovely community here. We're completely new to FFXIV, having only explored a bit on trial accounts and now await a complete edition pre-order from Amazon.


MMORPG Background

I'm coming directly from WoW which has been my MMO of choice for the past seven years or so but felt it was time for a change. Additionally I've played Guild Wars, Ragnarok Online, Lineage 2, Aion, and several others. MMORPG's have been one of my favorite genre's for as long as I can remember.


RP Experience

I was part of WoW's RP community in some form or another at various levels of intensity for my entire time there. I've dabbled in forum RP and some other light RP in various other games through the years. I also enjoy thinking up and writing backstories for "blank slate" player characters in some single player games (Baldur's Gate, Elder Scrolls, ect...).


Character Ideas & Info

While I'm still learning the framework of the lore as best I can, seeing that I don't even own the game yet, I've taken a liking to the intricate tribal stylings of the Miqo'te. My wife and I intend to play a young pair of adventurous Miqo'te with a friendly rivalry between them. From a small and somewhat isolationist sect of the Viper tribe, they'll leave to explore the world at their tribal leaders request in order to expand and grow. Bringing back knowledge and increasing influence where possible. This humble starting point should let us comfortably ease into the world and it's lore as we play and learn.


How did you learn about the coalition?

Mostly just digging around on the FFXIV subreddit in an effort to find where and how RPers congregate.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?

I will start off light or medium as I get comfortable and learn the lore and the inner workings of the community at large. I prefer to adhere strongly to established lore and welcome friendly corrections on things I get wrong in game or otherwise when it comes to story.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?

I can be a somewhat private person when it comes to OOC info. I typically prefer a strong separation of IC/OOC. Not that I intend to be rude, only that I primarily enjoy participating and writing fantastical stories, not detailing my own real life story.


Other Thoughts

It seems I've joined this community at an interesting time. With the indefinite closure of what I've learned is the unofficial roleplay server, Balmung, as well as the efforts lead by members of this community to guide hopeful players towards a potential new secondary home of RP on Mateus. I wanted to say a general thanks. Your efforts don't go unappreciated. Without the organizational efforts I've seen here over the past week or two completely new players like my wife and I wouldn't really know where to go. I look forward to joining and helping to grow the potential of the Mateus RP community.

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