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Gerik - Draw My Life

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((I got this idea from the youtube meme and I thought it would be really cool to do! So I made my own, it's more ghetto, but it was fun. I hope you guys make these too! Feel free to post comments and stuff below! I'm gonna use this to make like, and illustrated version of the stuff that happened up to the present in ARR!))


Hi! So my name is Gerik, and uh.. I'll be drawing my life for you guys.





Anyway, I'm 26 years old, born on the 26th of the 6th Astral Moon, I think... I'm pretty sure that's right. I'm 3/4 Highlander, and 1/4 Midlander from my mom's side, and actually I guess that's where my last name comes from.




This is my family. I'm not sure to this day if my parents even ever loved each other, but I was born. There's me crying. My mom's name was Eirika, and my dad's name was Ganun. I guess Ganun + Eirika = Gerik. I really like my name though, to be honest. I was never very close to either of them though. My dad never smiled.




I was born in Ala Mhigo, I guess it's Garlean territory now though. My parents were traveling merchants, so I got to travel alllll over Eorzea. It was really exciting and I got to see so many different things. My mom taught me how to sing, we'd perform while my dad was trying to sell his wares so that we'd make more money. I never liked being forced to sing.




I used to like riding in the cart with the goods, but my mom used to get mad since I could damage them or whatever. But I guess now I can understand why she'd be mad. I think that old chocobo's name was Vanilla because she used to smell good, I don't totally remember though. I do remember she pooped on my dad when he was sleeping once though.




I liked Limsa Lominsa the best when I was a kid, something about the ocean probably. I don't remember why specifically. I remember there was this one time when there were all these kids hanging out and playing together, but I was never allowed to play with them, so it kind of made me sad and lonely. I wanted friends my age really badly.




While there, I met this cool merchant guy that let me play with a Rothlyt Oyster and I guess from then on, I kind of always liked them. My mom said they looked like a vagina. But I never saw the resemblance, I still like them. Plus they're delicious!




A lot of the other merchants in the cities took a liking to me I think and they always gave me food and stuff. I doubt I looked starving really. But I ate, and ate, and ate.




And so I grew, and grew, and grew.




We traveled to Gridania just before the Garlean takeover of Ala Mhigo. It was business as usual really. I think this was maybe the sixth or seventh time I had been there before.




My mom and dad had my face tattooed with some traditional highlander design. At first I really hated it, but I kind of grew into it I guess. I didn't have much choice in the matter anyway.




A week or so after we arrived in Gridania, I woke up with my parents missing from the room. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find them. I was really sad, but then this nice stranger took me to the Acorn Orphanage and that's sort of where I grew up as a kid. I still don't really know why my parents left, I don't know. I'm not ready to talk about it.




It wasn't all bad though! For the first time I got to play with other kids! And that was really exciting!




I used to hang out with this Roegadyn boy, Aderyn, all the time. I'd like to say we were best friends. We'd climb up onto the roof of the carpenters' guild and look for cloud animals.




When I started puberty, I guess I realized I had some sort of feelings for Aderyn. It was a little sudden, but I remember kissing him during one of the summer festivals. There were a lot of fireworks. We loved fireworks.




I think he liked me back, but was too afraid to return them or something. But it's ok. We stopped being friends after that and I got lonely again.




Then I started to uh.. develop, physically. That was an awkward time. I lost a whole lot of weight.




I took up drawing, it was one of the things that really made me smile. Mostly I drew the animals in the Twelveswood. They were terrible drawings. I still kept some in a little box because I'm sentimental like that.




And so was archery. I don't know if I was really good at it though. The God's Quiver turned me down, but that's ok!




Because I got a job at the Botanist's guild!




...and then I got fired because I was napping on the job.




I was always interested in airships and how they flew. I wished that one day I could afford to ride on one of those.




I figured that when I grew up, maybe I could get like superpowers to fly or something. All I ever wanted to do was to fly.




So! In order to afford trips on the airship, I joined a mercenary company, Shimmersong. I don't think I was really cut out to be a mercenary though.




On my first mission, we had to deal with some ghosts or something. I don't really think I was that much of a help, but I guess at least I got paid, and then I spent all my earnings on food and airship rides.




I met a boy in the mercenary company too, his name was Kylin. We were like, complete opposites. He was rich, I was poor; he was fancy, I am simple; he was clean, I am messy.





Yet somehow we managed to become friends. He taught me how to swim. I was terrified of the water. I still kind of am actually.




We met this elezen lady on the beach one day too, her name was Deirdre. She's important later. At first I thought she was really weird. Kylin didn't like her.




And then! Kylin and I started dating! It was the first real relationship I'd been in. He made a picnic and set up a fireworks show. I moved in with him into his sister's cabin.





((To be continued!))



Reserved for later

Reserved for later

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