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Art Week Challenge!

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So for the past few days I've been able to churn out at least a drawing a night and I love how productive it's making me feel. To keep myself going, I thought I'd make a little challenge. The first seven people to reply to this get a head/bust drawing/sketch of their character. Please post references (or let me know if you're in the character reference thread) and the expression you'd like :>


Edit!: Those that don't have image references yet cause always just talk to me about what they'd like their character to look like :>

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Oh my gawddddddddddddddddddddddd me!


Please draw Deir's papa Xenedra! His name is Nichiel and I included some details below! :)


Race: Wildwood Elezen

Body Type: Built, larger shoulders, more narrow going down. Large hands.

Hair: Same colour as Deir's, straight but very unruly. Short at the top, a braid down his back tied with twine. Also a goatee!

Eyes: Dark Grey

Demeanor: HAPPY! Or well, normal!


Reference Image HERE



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