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Divination and fortune telling?

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Hi, I have a fortune teller character I'm trying to adapt to Eorzean lore in order to play her in the game, so I was wondering if there's detailed information on that subject about how the game's lore handles this subject? If there's any, of course. I don't think there's that much, apart from maybe heretics and some astromancy techniques?


Otherwise I'll stick to the classical tarot and divination techniques, but it's way less fun :P

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I think there is some reference as you mention, plus there is also the Goddess Nymeia (The Spinner).


This seems to make fortune telling have some degree of actual in game reality, and not just be some made up parlor trick.


Personally I make my fortune telling a mix of reality and parlor trick, by being open and general in your comments the victim client often fills in the rest.


And with methods I would also look at the variety out there rather than be just another card reader. 


As an example check out some of the ideas on this site Serena's Guide to Divination - Methods, there are lots of other sites to get ideas from on the web.


I personally go with a fortune card from a deck for a quick instant fortune and find that  palm reading is really good for a more interactive fortune telling play. I even created a method for reading Miqo'te tails.

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Astrologians spring to mind in regards to the subject of divination. Here's a few posts on tumblr I found of interest that might help you:



Astrologian and RP: A guide on incorporating deck of cards into divination/fortune telling RP 



Origin of Ishgardian and Sharlayan Astrology



Astrologian Lore Compilation 



There's probably more on this subject somewhere, but I am at work and can only quickly search up these things on top of my head! Good luck in your search o/ 

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