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Hello everyone

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Hi, I've been lurking the forums for a little while now and finally decided to join now that A Realm Reborn is so close (and yet so far...) to release. I'm a complete newb when it comes to roleplay but I'm very excited to get into it with FFXIV and it is wonderful to have such a helpful site to come to for help and advice.


--MMORPG background

I've been playing MMOs for about 7 years, starting off with the classic Runescape. The number of mmos I've tried is high, but the more notable ones were Mabinogi, Aion, Tera, and Guild Wars 2 (only for a short time). I first played FFXIV during 1.0 about two months after release (purchased the CE) for literally 10 minutes... My poor computer at the time was just not up to running FFXIV so I waited until I could afford something that could run it. After I finally was able to run FFXIV I played it quite a bit, left for a while, and then played awhile again up until a few weeks before it was shut down. Sadly, despite being on Besaid from the beginning I never actually got into RP due to being much too nervous to try it out. Now I've built up the courage to try, finally.


--RP experience

I have absolutely no in-game RP experience. In my earlier days I never saw anyone rp-ing, and then later on when/if I did see it I was too nervous to get into it and ask for help learning the ropes since everyone seemed to know what they were doing and I didn't. While having never roleplayed in-game I have roleplayed on forums many times in the past, picking it up not too long after I began to play mmos. Forum RPs seem to fizzle out faster than in-game RPs though.


--Character ideas/info

While I have many ideas for a variety of characters money and time constraints will keep me glued to just one main RP character for at least the first few months of ARR. I came up with a Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon who was born into a traditional tribe (nothing big, just some pulled together family members) deep within the Black Shroud and because of a burning call to adventure left to become more than just the "next healer in line". Though she may not seem very fleshed out or interesting right now I've actually been working on her for quite a bit and, while I still need to finish writing parts of her past and "perfecting" tiny details elsewhere, I am very happy with her as of now.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

I first heard about the coalition back during 1.0 on the lodestone since I liked to read the IC journals of the players. Luckily the Coalition site was always so big for RPers, because a couple weeks ago I was thinking about it (unable to grasp the name) and preformed a search, wanting to see what had become of the site. I was most definitely not dissapointed.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I aim to become a medium role-player since I absolutely love delving into the official lore and the stories and characters players have created, but don't believe I have the energy to to be IC constantly while playing. Perhaps once I've gained more experience I may lean a bit more towards the heavy side of rp-ing, but for now I am content with a happy in-between.


--Anything from real life you âre comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Simply put I am a young person who enjoys video games, mmos, and reading.




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Welcome to the forums Zyl and glad to see more people getting interested in RP'ing. I remember my first time trying it out, I was a nervous wreck due to my insecurities but after finding the right people it became the most fun I have ever had in video games. If you want to learn on what is proper RP and what is usually frowned upon I can tell you if you would like if there isn't a thread about it already here on the forums. Anyways, good luck and hope to see you in game when it releases.

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Welcome! Glad you decided to try things out. :) There are numerous helpful threads for beginners here, but the best thing to do will just be to dive right in and post once the game is up again!

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Welcome to the RPC!  :thumbsup:


It's always good to see that more people in MMO's are eager to join RP and have fun in the process!  If you need any pointers you can check out the RP Handbook linked in my signature, or feel free to make a post with any questions you might have!

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Thank you everyone for your warm welcomes :D they are much appreciated.


@Yahdo Thank you, this post is very reassuring. I usually try to see how other beginners fair when I try new things and I'm glad I wasn't the only one shaking in their skin.


@Eva I was reading some of your handbook earlier before I signed up actually, it is very extensive and helpful (I fixed my character's name thanks to it) and I believe I will get much use out of it now and in the future.


@Aysun Thanks, I actually remember seeing you around IG during 1.0 when the server was still Besaid, and I read quite a few of your lodestone entries. Honestly I was initially intimidated by how firm a grasp you seemed to have on everything haha.

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I know that feeling and I'm sorry if it was intimidating! We all start somewhere, and I still have anxiety about RPing sometimes with different people.. or even sometimes the ones I'm used to (more than I'd like to admit). Once things get going though it goes away and is just fun. Take the leap!


Also~ <3 Thanks for reading!

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