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Off Site Communications Directory

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In an effort to keep stickies condensed and relevant, this directory is now being put in place for any Off Site Communications of the community variant. This can for example be enjin server hubs, server discords and other community initiatives. 

Please do not add websites, discord servers etc. that are specifically tied with a free company or linkshell, for these we refer to the Free Company and Linkshell halls, within the topics dedicated to those Free Companies and Linkshells.


Please ensure that discord links are set to never expire, and that the site which you link to is PG-13 safe. 


Please use the following template: 




Brief description: 


If you spot a link that has gone dead, please report the post and we will remove or update it accordingly.

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Name: FFXIV EU Roleplayer's Coalition

Link: Here!

Brief description: A community Discord for EU roleplayers. Whilst the main bulk of our population is made up of Omega folk, we welcome everyone n.n There are linkshell, free company, and character directories as well as space to advertise and discuss events. And all the usual chatter that goes on!

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Name: Mateus Roleplay Community

Link: Discord Link

Brief description:

A community Discord server for members of the Mateus world. Whether for discussing FFXIV or otherwise, come here to meet your fellow Mateusians. There is a server events channel for Community Leaders to advertise their events, a "Looking for Contact" channel to find other likeminded roleplayers, as well as an ever growing collection of helpful resources for gameplay and roleplay. Come by and say hi!

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Name: MuseCast XIV Discord

Link: https://discord.gg/X3PdQUA

Brief description: 

The official online community for the only FFXIV podcast focusing exclusively on RP! Besides that, our aim is to create a helpful and welcoming environment to encourage community and discussion amongst serious RPers, casual RPers, loremongers, the RP-curious, and everyone in between. We have channels dedicated to RP help and questions, lore fact-checking, and even help with creative writing. It's also the best way to talk to the hosts and help shape the future of the podcast. We believe there's something for everyone! \o/

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Name: Balmung RP Event Calendar / Balmung RP Discord Bot


Balmung RP Event Calendar tumblr: http://balmungrpcalendar.tumblr.com/

Balmung RP Bot Playpen:  https://discord.gg/Rd6JvA

Brief Description:

The Balmung RP Event Calendar is a (slightly) curated list of known open to all events run on the Balmung server.  A weekly post is made on Tumblr here and on this site here detailing the events, changes to the list, etc.  At some point this will also have a regular RP venue listing as well.


The Balmung RP Bot Playpen is a demonstration discord, test bed, information portal, etc for the Balmug RP Bot which produces daily or hourly event lists that tie to the Balmung RP Event Calendar.  Instructions for adding the bot to your own discord are pinned in the general channel.  The bot also produces daily and hourly broadcasts to their own channels if you don't want to add it to your personal discord.


This is also a good place to get hold of myself for feature quests, help, and what have you.

We can also be reached via email here: balmungrpevents_email.png  (sorry for the image, spam protection, et all.)

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Name: Lamia RP Discord Server

Links: https://discord.gg/qfd5TzX

Brief Description: A Discord server aimed at networking between roleplayers within Lamia. This server is RP newbie-friendly, and offers channels for character development, seeking RP, and a bit more! The goal of this server is to promote RP within our community!

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Name: Balmung Event Organizers 
Brief description: Discord server meant for communication between event organizers, event support and those who cheer us on. Balmung-centric! 


Name:  Balmung Roleplay Network 
Brief description: Discord server made for making roleplay connections. Very large server with 600+ members, actively moderated 24/7. Great place for advertising yourself, your ls and your FC. Balmung-centric!

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Name: The Celestial Dance Network

Link: https://discord.gg/xtP9Hrd

Brief description: The Celestial Dance Network is a Crystal datacenter-wide community that serves as a hub to help tribal/traditional-themed Seeker of the Sun & Keeper of the Moon miqo'te role-players find role-play with other tribal/traditional-themed role-players. We offer a Crystal datacenter-wide Discord as well as two optional linkshells currently located on Balmung.

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Name: Archadian RP Network

Link: https://discord.gg/9GQsbzH

Brief description: The Archadian RP Network is a gathering and organization resource for players on Aether servers. The core membership is roleplayers on Midgarsormr, with a completely optional linkshell available there, but roleplayers from any Aether world are welcome. The structure of the server currently includes rooms for planning in-world events as well as sharing pics and stories on the server itself, and is actively adjusted to meet the needs of our members.

As of this posting, the server is brand new, so don't be discouraged if the population is still low when you arrive. ^.^

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Name: Elemental Roleplay
Link: https://discord.com/invite/95NGMVF
Brief Description: The Elemental RP discord server is specifically for role-playing in the Elemental datacenter! While the majority of members in the server are from Tonberry, there are people from each of the datacenters. We host events weekly and members are allowed to add events to the schedule! Additionally to the Discord Server, we have a Linkshell, Fellowship and club on this website. Feel free to join if you want to RP on the Elemental datacenter - all are welcome!

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The Final Fantasy XIV Roleplaying Discord welcomes you!




Learn FFXIV RP lore and technique! 

Learn how to find RP, when, where, and people to RP with! 

Promote your Free Companies, RP events, character profiles, open venues, RP communities, discord, writing, and more! 
All as part of the largest RP community for Final Fantasy XIV on discord!

Open to all Datacenters!  EU, NA and Japan alike!


Follow across social media!






FFXIV RP RP 01a.png

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