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Art for ALL the people!

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So... I'm just gonna draw whoever. I'm only doing lil busts like I have been over the past weekish, so don't expect an amaaaazing masterpiece, but if you want one, post! Please leave me a description to go by; race, gender, colors and/or any reference pictures you might have, etc. Also a suggestion for expression would be helpful~



  1. Fearless - goggles, serious, black hair, red highlights
  2. Sarah Dòxa - happy
  3. Uther
  4. Izmina
  5. Arlon
  6. Myal - wide, happy grin
  7. Kyri/Ciara
  8. Mtoto - sultry
  9. Moonfire
  10. Alothia
  11. Kannadi - intrigued
  12. Rhashi - shy(reserved, timid, nervous)
  13. Tim'a
  14. Paradyme
  15. Endricane
  16. Aehtel - Sad/blank
  17. Aldrisi - neutral/thoughtful
  18. Rhostel - dorky grin/Nahctgeim - triumphant smirk
  19. Eva - surprised
  20. Yssen - smirking
  21. Melle - alarmed
  22. Vash -
  23. Ryuki -
  24. A'nxil -
  25. X'sato - laid back/reading
  26. Seto -
  27. Rogier Le'card -
  28. Sienna - cheeky smirk
  29. Tahrara - Smug/sultry
  30. Lorric -
  31. Maeve -
  32. K'tahrl - a smile to hide behind, distance in his eyes
  33. Kevaraan - solemn/staring
  34. Kari -
  35. T'sal maveth - serious/keen-eyed

And here's my art thread where I'll be posting all these thingers.

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Just grab some people who have posted in the character reference thread! Many of our newer members don't know what their character will look like yet because they haven't got to play with the character creator yet.

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Soo.. I don't know what constitutes as "new" in this case.

Technically I am an old member, as can be seen by my date of joining, but I haven't visited this site for a long time (heck, it looked VERY different last time I visited).. And only recently decided to return.


I can understand if join date and such takes precedence in establishing who's new and who isn't though.

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For new peoples with no screenies: you can totally provide Xene with a description of your character and then provide reference images at a later time (pretty sure character creation is no longer under nda or won't be for phase 3) She mentioned in her art thread that she'll be out of town til after that date anyway.


pretty much what I'm trying to say is: don't let not having reference stuff stop you! I think this is a wonderful way to make you all feel like a part of the community. :D

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