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I just realized there is a name generator for FFXIV!




I know everyone here probably prefers coming up with their own names, but still, I thought it would be a fun game just to see what name you get. (Plus, possibly good for anyone having trouble coming up with names!)


I ended up with: Chagogo Chago (チャゴゴ・チャゴ) (as a Plainsfolk Lala)

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Uh, apparently if I used this generator for a Female Highlander (if I decide to make a second character), my name would be this (o.0): 


Grishild Soulsoul

Oh Moon Moon...



Just read this. Nice use of Moon Moon.

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This is really awesome. I was literally just thinking last night before this was posted that there needs to be an updated name generator for XIV based on the new information. Glad to see this popped up because I don't know a lick of coding or how to go about making a name generator myself :P

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Since I can't decide what race I will play until I get into the creator, I will do all three(plus a highlander):


Midlander: Grant Rouse


Moon keeper: Rhoe'to Bajihri (I like the last name)


Duskwight: ...I cannot find one name that I like! or can come close to pronouncing.


Highlander: Randy Sharp (Hell yeah! short and simple!)

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