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Final Fantasy XV

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Welp, it happened.


As revealed in Sony's E3 press conference moments ago, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now officially Final Fantasy XV.


How does this make you feel?


(Might as well have it all in one thread.)


My very short opinion: It's still not enough to make me get new hardware, but I'm glad that it will exist.


Additional thought: Promoting a side-series title to a main-series title has happened once before. That's how we got FF9.

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I've had an on-going RP using elements from FFversus as a premise, so it's good to see the game finally get an official tagging. I was afraid the game would be stuck in development hell for all eternity, but with the its official announcement as FFXV, its release is all but guaranteed.




EDIT: Also, gunblades. Lots and lots of gunblades.

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I recall that when Fabula Nova Crystallis was first revealed alongside FFXIV, it was said that XIV alongside XV would herald the main series' return to High Fantasy..


As such I am a little miffed that VS. XIII got promoted to XV.. Not that I don't like the Science-Fantasy genre that they've been going with for most of the numbered titles since VII (some would argue VI), but I was looking forward to another single-player High Fantasy FF.


With that aside I did (and still do) love what little they showed us of VS. XIII, so I can imagine it being a great game.

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Pretty sure Gackt was like....5 different characters in that trailer. Damn you Nomura and your infatuation with Jpop-esque characters. 

Seriously, the character design is REALLY annoying. Like, why does he even like Gackt and visual kei so much, anyway?


EDIT: Must be a pop-culture thing. /shrug.

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I really don't like the character design, but that's nothing new for me. I've got a lot of gripes with Nomura's style. A cyberpunkish FF has kind of been a secret hope for mine for a while, so I think this game has some potential to be great. I'm just not entirely sure I trust Square Enix to not mess it up, especially when Nomura is at the helm. Guys, promise me if it's good you'll tell me.

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To be honest, I have been waiting for a Final Fantasy to come out that would return the name to absolute greatness like it once was. When I watched that trailer I had a gut feeling XV might be the one to do it, of course I would much rather have the turn-based style like the series is supposed to have but you got to learn to adapt. To me the last real Final Fantasy game stopped at X, and I know many don't like X but it atleast was playable to the very end unlike X-2 and up for me. Well, that is my two cents.


P.S. For some reason even though the titles keep dissapointing me the games always draw me back to atleast give it a try once more. -sigh-

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I totally relate. The "main" offline FF games to me are like the old girlfriend I remember fondly until I catch up with her and remember why we broke up.


Very much this^ for me too. I'm hoping XV brings back everything we loved so much about FF. After 13.3, I don't have too much hope left in SE.

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