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RP Server?


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I believe Kylin will hold a poll for a non-legacy RP server if there is no official one declared.


You can also PM Lilzsee since she and several more were also interested in a non-legacy server.


Yeah, if SE remains silent on the issue in a couple weeks still, we'll hold a quick poll for the non-legacy people who want a different RP server. Though this won't change the current majority from sticking to Balmung. Also, I think Lilzsee left this community after that last server debate. So I wouldn't advise contacting them as you'll get no response xD

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Hey everyone! I was linked to this thread from the beta forums, wanted to know your thoughts on the non-legacy server for RPers. Currently, I am a part of a group that makes our home on animounted.net, a forum site built by one of our members for our RP group/ Free Company. We have been gathering on the Behemoth server since the onset of Phase 2. and currently have almost 30 members. The reason we planned on staying there is that many of our members are opposed to rolling on Legacy servers (that being said, we do have Legacy members, but most of them are intent on rolling new characters

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I don't think that was the point, Blade. He was just asking our thoughts on non-legacy servers. As for us, I think the majority are going to stick with Balmung for several different reasons. 1) we can't transfer yet. 2) people have had so much work put ito their characters that they don't want to leave them. Essentially. 


And if those jerk faces don't want you on Behemoth, our door is always open. <3

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