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Why hello there, dearlings


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I'm Zeraia.


I was in one of the RP linkshells during the first Phase 3 test, and some of them mentioned the RPC; I decided that it was high time I introduced myself as well.


Zeraia Reynard was a character of mine from Guild Wars 2; she was pretty active there till my time faltered and I couldn't devote as much time to her as I wanted to; also, GW2 was losing my attention fast. I am a veteran RPer from before WoW existed - though I was very young and stupid then. It has been... slightly over ten years since I started RPing, give or take a year.


While I've never been very much for forum RP - I really don't much like checking in forums and making long, intricate posts - I do like IM, chat, and in-game RP, as it gives a much more dynamic and intimate feel to it.


I'm from South-East Asia, so my timezones are screwy, and so are my RP times, so often I do IM RP when I can't log on.


Otherwise, I think I'm along the lines of a medium to heavy RPer, depending on who I'm RPing with. I'm very friendly to newbies, and I would love to try and help new people!


As for my background with FFX|V, I don't really have much to say. I don't really have any legacy characters that I would like to keep, as most of them are sort of... just there, and I didn't really do much with them in 1.0. I decided to start new characters instead, and make new stories.


If anyone has any questions, just poke me! Or if you want to talk about how undeserving Zeraia's award of Miss Divinity's Reach was (I still think she shouldn't have won that), do that too!


And to end it, I'll post a commissioned picture that I did of Zeraia, back from GW2 and done by Industry Thirteen.



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