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balmung Sultana's Breath Shopping Arcade!

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[Balmung] Open Shop Space Available! Mall Directory Now Available!

This is a call to all people who want to open a shop or service in an apartment. Why not do it together? We have picked the Sultana’s Breath Subdivisions, Ward 18 to designate as an official MALL! 

Individual shops and services can be run at anytime, of course, but we will be encouraging all of our shop owners to join us in a monthly sale.

Our shopping arcade will have one apartment designated as the mall’s event center where special announcements, events, performances, and guests will appear! 
If you’re interested in joining us, come down to Ward 18 and grab an apartment, mark your shop as [shop] and join our discord!


Mall Directory: https://tinyurl.com/sultana-shopping
Grand Opening: Thursday, April 12nd, 8-11pm EST

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This is... actually a really neat idea. I'd have to drop my current apartment and snag a new one and furnish it up but...  hm...

I'll let you know if I follow up on this!


EDIT: Okay, I ended up moving apartments and throwing... something together. I'm not entirely sure if I went too silly on it or rushed it too much but... at least there's something there for right now. Apartment 25. Feel free to give ideas and critiques, of course!

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Bumping this because the event continues tonight o/

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