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mateus Seeking Kindred Spirits

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Hallos! I'm Xandrie!
My friends call me...well Xandrie! ...but also sometimes Xan, and hmmm...Kiki? Not sure where that came from but it stuck!..yep, my name is different...and I really think that's just fine. I've come here looking for kindred spirits to spend time with. I seem to have a good amount of my days where I spend it alone and...I need to change that! I've been so busy exploring and learning about new customs and peoples...it's wonderful, but exhausting and as I said...a bit lonely at times! 




Where am I from?...I'm from a little known area high in the mountainous peaks of Gyr Abania - I don't hail from one of the typical tribes, its really not our thing...but to each his or her own, right? I enjoy meeting new people, learning new things, exploring...and just generally getting myself into and out of trouble. I love to make others smile, happy is the best way to be!


Among my favorite things are: cupcakes! ...well sweets of any kind, and ...hmmm flowers - peony and cherry blossoms in particular, thunderstorms, and - well - anything cute! ...but I also really like adventuring and a good challenge..and protecting people I care about. My favorite color is purkle...I love to wordsmith - because many times words just don't make the sense they're supposed to by themselves. I've been told I'm not all that good with social graces or norms - I really prefer just to get right to the heart of things and growing up where I did...we didn't have any of those kinds of barriers to knowing people.  - so forgive me if I'm at times a little over zealous. I really have the best intentions, despite how it may come across at first. 


So! There's that...and I think I covered the important things?

Look me up if you're in the neighborhood!  



Being newer to IG RP I've given Xandrie a loose framework of a background...something that will grow and evolve over time through her experiences and interactions with other people. My goals coming here are pretty much as stated, I'd very much like to connect with others and through that perhaps find ongoing friendships, stories, romance ...whatever may come her way!


Please let me know if I've covered enough here or if I should add further information or details.


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((LoL you call it wordsmithing, i call it "my fingers don't do what I tell them")) Check out my character Bio and if we see each other in game, I'll be sure to say, "Hello".

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