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Hello there everyone! ^_^


I'm Mya'var (My-ah-var), but most folks end up calling me "Mya", or "My", for short. I'm a long time MMORPG gamer, and I suppose a "Light" RPer. I think the only time I was a very heavy RPer was when I managed a RP Minecraft server called Celestial Dreams. RPs all teh timez!


Since then a friend of mine and I have kept in mind our characters from that Minecraft server, and are more than likely going to do a "reincarnation" of a sort when the game launches. He even toyed with ideas about ways for our Celestial Dreams selves, and stories, to have a connection to the Hydaelyn world (Not in a way to break the lore of either world, but more as a "between us" sort of story). It would be -way- too much to type out here, but maybe someday I'll get a draft all typed up for sharage~


I've never been very ... "creative" ... in terms of stories or coming up with raw ideas, so RP has always been a little hard. This sort of makes me a "RP as much like myself as possible" person. It's simpler, and makes for personality choices that I can quickly make on the fly. Besides, I'd rather insert myself into Eorzea instead of pretending I'm someone completely different :moogle:


It's also why I'm going to try and reincarnate my Mya'var character to the best of my ability. I already "know" her from several years of RP/brainstorming, and I'd honestly hate giving her up to make something brand new.


This got way longer than I thought it would xD. Lesse~~ Outside of games I'm a housewife. Normal activities include cooking, cleaning, knitting, crocheting, building in Minecraft, and staring at Twitter all day. Oh, and "window shopping" on various websites. My husband is in summer college classes, I'll be starting in the fall on August 27th (awesome timing, I know), and most likely I'll be trying to pick up a job (20-ish hours a week) to make a little extra money.





I'm a lady, I like MMOs, RP is pretty cool.


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Yo! Welcome to the RPC! I'm also a housewife! ..Kinda. My husband was a househusband for a year, so now it's my turn! Though, I'm also technically a freelancin' artsy person... But anyway, what are you going to school for, if you don't mind me asking?

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Thank you for all of the kind welcome's everyone! :moogle:


Right now my husband is working on a criminal justice degree, and currently I'm looking at one of those "general arts" degrees, because the community college we're going to is a little limited in degrees I'm interested in. Both of our goals are 2 year terms, and transferable to a university, though he's aiming more towards a long term career goal. I just like school \o.o/

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