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balmung East Eerie Trading Co.<<Eerie>>

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East Eerie Trading Company
Bringing the exotic mysteries of the Far East to the West

Operating with a variety of  Captains and crews to establish, protect and exploit new trade routes with the Far East and secure the treasures for the delight of the West.


Special services
Enchanted sailing for faster safer trips
Handling of strange, mysterious artifacts and circumstances
Bespoke engineering and magitek
.. with more to come
Got a Problem? Come by our place of business and discuss how we can help, even if it seems impossible
Would like to Join? We are always looking for additions to our company, from Partner Captains, experienced crew and fresh sods seeking the life of adventure
East Eerie Trading Co. Mist Ward 13, Plot 30
Operating under Lominsan Black and Trade Sails

OOC contact:

  • In game: Nebula Stardancer,  RPC: Nebbs,  Discord: Nebbs#5123
  • In game: Halcyon Ember,  RPC: Halcyon Ember


Club Pages: 


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