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balmung Maelstrom Command RP LinkShell Community <<FLEET>>

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Maelstrom Command RP Community

Maelstrom Command RP LinkShell Community

Grand Company / Military / Law Enforcement / Adventuring

We are a LinkShell focused RP community – meaning that while we do have a Free Company, no one is required to join the Free Company to be considered a fully fledged member of the community. You don't have to leave your FC friends to play with us!


We're always accepting new members, and we love helping out with events for other RP groups too. For more info on how to join, or how to ask us to help out with you event, read the info below!


(Last updated on 10/18/2018)

Who we are

Though we are a military group, our IC flavor is a little bit different than your typical military setup. In a nutshell, the Maelstrom is comprised of former pirate crews, each whom had agreed to serve whichever Admiral might be sitting in Limsa's high seat at the time. When Merlwyb won the most recent Trident competition, declared martial law, and essentially established herself as the permanent leader of the Limsan Navy, many former Knights of the Barracuda made the switch to the newly reestablished Grand Company of Limsa Lominsa (the Maelstrom). Overall, they're an organized military group, with a clear rank and uniform hierarchy, that operates in a slightly more chaotic good/chaotic neutral alignment than similar groups.


OOCly, we are a largely community run group, meaning that the members are given as much creative power as they would like in creating events and deciding what direction we would like to go as a group ICly. We are constantly collaborating: planning events together, taking turns DMing, finding ways to tie our character's backstories together, etc.! Our focus as a community is to help each other move the personal stories of our individual characters forward, using the backdrop of Limsan lore and a loose military structure as a force that helps drive it all forward – with Sylb (MoenMoen) acting as the safeguard/protector, and the social main tank, for the community. ;) We value quality over quantity, and real life events over RP pretendy time. Event attendance is never required!


Above all else, we are determined to be a safe place to share ideas, grow as creatives, and to have fun, dangit!! We avoid drama like the plague, encourage one another, and have each other's back at all turns.


As a bonus, we have cultivated an atmosphere that is a genuine safe place for members of the LGBTQA+ groups to hang out without worry of judgement or bullying.


Maelstrom soldiers in full dress uniform

Who we are ICly:

Officially commissioned personnel in the Maelstrom Grand Company!

  • Maelstrom Soldiers
  • Knights of the Barracuda
  • Yellowjackets
  • Foreign Levy (Adventurers)
  • Privateers (Trade, War, & Black Sails)
  • Mealvaan's Gate assessors
A trash carbuncle setting everything on fire

Who we are OOCly:

Friendly nerds who love to chatter and hang out and goof around!

  • Human meme generators
  • Housing fanatics
  • Glamour savants
  • Artists & writers
  • Emoji addicts
  • Mighty Punishers



Interested in learning more? Check out our RPC Club page for the full deets on how to join: 


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RP Campaigns

RP Campaigns

Songs in the Deep

September 2018 - December 2018
Story leader/DM: Khebi


Strange sounds, signals, and reports begin to filter in through the Maelstrom airwaves, each from beacons in the far reaches of the sea. The Maelstrom is sent to investigate, but the more they uncover, the stranger things become.


Do you believe in ghost ships?


If you'd like to participate, join the LS community!

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updated current RP Campaign

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I transferred To Balmung from another server that was absolutely horrendously toxic and joining Fleet and the Maelstrom RP community was like winning the lottery. I've RPed in dozens of MMOs and communities and I can honestly say that no other community, in over a decade of RP, has been as kind and welcoming as Fleet has been. It's a group of wonderful, mature and empathetic people and it's been an absolute joy to be a part of.


10/10 would rp again

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I got chased off RP by some bad happenings a few years ago, but one of my best friends convinced me to join Fleet after she had been a member for a while. Best decision I ever made! Awesome stories, awesome characters, and most importantly an awesome and supportive cohort to just chill and hang out with even if you're taking a break from RP or the game. I prefer to have a good OOC relationship with the people I RP with, and Fleet definitely meets that bar. They're all very caring, hilarious, and communication is king.


To echo S'vash, 10/10 would derp with again. (Also tbh I was sold on joining on a description of S'vash as a character, 10/10 best judgement call.)

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I've been on Balmung since the free server migrations in 2013 from Gungnir. At first, I only transferred into the server because my 1st FC chose the server. Soon after I left that FC and found my first RP FC. Over the years, I've been a part of several RP FCs which have been a mix of good, great, and not so great experiences. I came onto FLEET about a year and half ago (possibly longer) and I will say that they are one of the best spaces on Balmung. The people are by and large open, friendly, funny, and respectful. Events are organized well and have good structure (Disclaimer I have run a one-off event here and there for the FC). Open RP nights are good chances for people to meet and create more emergent RP. Finally, as someone who hasn't had time to devote to RP (and have focused on PvE content), I still feel part of the community at large. If you have any interest in the Maelstrom or roleplaying in the Limsa Lominsan context, FLEET is a great linkshell/FC to anchor your vessel.

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I've been on Balmung since 2014. I started in one FC and had zero intentions on roleplaying after several experiences that ranged from 'bad' to 'extremely toxic'. I tentatively joined the FLEET LS in 2016 on, for me, a trial basis: if I caught the slightest whiff at something wrong or unsavory, I'd just leave immediately. 2 years later, I am still a member of FLEET's LS. I became a full-fledged member of the FC last year. I have never been involved with a RP community as open, supportive, and respectful of its players as FLEET.


All the players are funny, kind, and welcoming, and events have been well-thought out and organized. There's a healthy level of support for players to present ideas for events or advancing a character's personal story. If anything, I'm honestly overwhelmed, because I have typically been used to things going so badly I have to write off games and storylines as a complete loss. 


If you have any interest in participating in some Limsa Lominsa based stories, give FLEET a look.

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FLEET is home. That's really the best way to put it for me. It's not every day in an RP group you get to roll with a bunch of folks you hope will be lifelong friends, so when you find something like that it's as important as it is special. The group is full of humorous, creative, and compassionate people who enrich the lives of the people around them. And we're also queer af. Which- it's one thing to say you're an LBTQ friendly group. It's another to actually be one. It's one of the things that makes me most proud to be part of this community, to know that people from all walks of life are able to come in and feel safe not only being part of the group, but also in sharing those parts of their lives as they so desire.


I love this group, and I love my friends, and I love putting on the DM hat and watching them suffer. It's a hobby. 

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