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Teatime <<Tea>> is a med-heavy role-play free company on the FFXIV Balmung server.

The Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern is a cozy teahouse and bar located within the Lavender Beds of the Twelveswood, serving a wide array of beverages and snacks and selling their own specialty loose-leaf blends of tea. At least, that is what is most publicly known. Less mainstream is the knowledge that the establishment also serves as a front for an information brokerage and private investigations business. Secrets, lies, rumors, intrigue... wh
at is it that you are seeking, or selling, perhaps? Pay us a visit, cut a deal, and spill the tea. Or just enjoy a warm drink and some pleasant company!

Teatime is a free company where we strive to take our role-play seriously and everything else lightly. We wish to provide a space for role-players who are mature and take the initiative to get plots moving, create events, and find role-play. We seek members who enjoy role-play with depth, complex characters, artistic writing, and  an approach to lore that is both flexible but respectful to the setting and canon, who look for more in their stories than just romance and sex, and who give fair consideration to the other role-players around them. We also enjoy a healthy amount of PvE such as dungeons, trials, and maps; PvP; and social activities such as game nights, movie nights, and voice chat on top of the usual OOC chatter.

While active members are ideal, we understand the demands of real life and we are open to those who may have limited playtime or who wish to join on alt characters. We accept characters of all sorts and alignments, so long as things make sense in character, and they may be involved in the teahouse, the information brokering business, or both. We accept players both new and old to role-play as long as they meet our standards, and above all else we seek members of all walks of life who are friendly and open-minded. Non-RPers are welcome to join us, as are RPers who may not wish to have their characters associated with the free company IC. We are primarily based in NA eastern time, as are most of our events, but we accept--and have--members from all over the world. Event participation is strongly encouraged, but never mandatory.

If you are interested, please review our
FC Rules and if you feel you can abide by them, check out our Recruitment Info where you can find an explanation of the recruitment process, as well as a link to the application. For those who wish to spend time with us or role-play with us but cannot commit to joining the FC, you are welcome to join our Discord server as a guest and/or our in-game Fellowshop, "The Tea Party." Simply contact us for an invite, but please be mindful that when it comes to RP events with a limited amount of participants, FC members will be given preference, and some activities may be limited to FC members only.



Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern is our free company estate, a large mansion nestled within the Lavender Beds. The free company house is a public role-play space where anyone is welcome to come role-play at anytime, and can be used as a venue for events with some prior discussion. To stop by when there is a crowd and the place is staffed by player characters, please see the Role-Play Event section below. If you wish to role-play in the teahouse outside of our event hours, you can assume NPC staff take care of your characters, or you can contact us and we will have a character come assist you if possible. Feel free to come take a look at our decor, and leave a message in the Guest Book if you please! You can learn more about Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern here.

Lavender Beds
Ward 5
Plot 58

These are our regularly scheduled RP events. We sometimes host one-off events both private and public, or participate in events hosted by other groups on the server, as well. For a full view of our upcoming events, please check out our calendaror join our Discord server or Fellowship for reminders!

Public Events

Our public events are open to anyone and everyone! If you are a stranger, come become a friend!

  • Teatime - Our open teahouse event, hosted the first and third (and fifth, if applicable) Monday evening of each month beginning at 7:00 PM eastern time. Enjoy some of our teas and tasty treats! Check out the tea list here
  • Happy Hour Our open tavern event with performances, hosted the last Thursday of each month beginning at 9:00 PM eastern time, performances starting at 10:00 PM. Enjoy our unique drink menu!

Private Events

Our private events are meant for our free company members, often as well as our Discord guests.

  • Missions (Coming Soon) - Missions are DMed events for the information brokering side of the free company, involving investigation and sometimes combat.
  • Role-Play Night - A social event on Friday night at 8PM eastern time for our FC members and Discord guests to meet, mingle, and get to know each other, whether it's a night out at an event or just hanging around the teahouse.

We are always glad to role-play with other groups and individuals outside the FC! Please let us know if you are interested in working with us in any capacity.

We are open to...

Information brokering Clients - Please see information on how to hire us
Storylines - As allies or as enemies, we are open to plots, pending discussion.
Business Partners - Whether it's transporting goods, providing ingredients, or anything else we might need the teahouse can strike up a deal!
Retailers - Shroudrose will conditionally allow the bulk purchase of our goods to sell at other businesses!
Performers - We welcome entertainment for our public events whether it is song, dance, stories, or anything otherwise!


If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact the Free Company Leader.

In Game: Faye Covington
Discord: Destiny (Faye)#8463
RPC: Faye
Tumblr: Fair-fae

Follow Teatime on Tumblr!



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Teatime is a med-heavy RP FC looking to grow. We are not particularly aiming to be a huge or super busy FC, we’re just hoping to enjoy the game at our own pace, in our own space. Because of this, please be aware that things like daily events and long, involved FC storylines may not be frequent. In order to keep a laidback environment and ensure our numbers remain manageable, we are selective in our membership, as we know our free company is not the perfect fit for everyone and vice-versa. We are trying to keep a group of people with a similar focus, who we feel will complement each other and be comfortable in our free company. 

Please be aware that though the free company may be morally grey, our membership and theme are not exactly evil, or entirely illegal or immoral. Characters who are openly very villainous and antagonistic may not be a good fit for this free company (though we are happy to let this play out IC if you are on board). 

Perks: Chill people, Discord server, in game Fellowship, FC tumblr, fun and varied RP, weekly RP events, FC buffs, large FC house with private rooms available, airship and submarine, crafting facilities, gardening plots, and more!

We are looking for members who are mature and independent, who can take initiative and hold accountability for themselves. We are looking for passionate and talented role-players (even if new and still learning!) who take their writing seriously, and who do not focus their role-play primarily on romance and sex. We are looking for members who are fun and relaxed OOC, who fall into the pleasant middle-ground of both having a sense of humor but remaining considerate of others. We are open to alts and people with limited playtime. Please check out our rules, and if you feel you can abide by them and agree with them, feel free to apply to our free company.

(Non-RPers are welcome, as are RPers who do not wish to be affiliated with us IC, please just keep in mind you will still be expected to follow all our rules, including our RP rules if and when you ever do decide to RP.)


We are currently looking for a wide array of characters to fill various roles such as…


Chefs & Cooks

Bake and cook the food served at Shroudrose Teahouse!


Bartenders & Servers

Help staff our teahouse and tavern and serve our guests!


Bards & Performers

Perform on stage during our events!


Household staff & Groundskeepers

Help with daily operations, cleaning, and upkeep of the establishment!


Gatherers & Farmers

Supply the ingredients for our teas and food!


Traders & Suppliers

Provide us with goods and supplies we need in our operations!


Guards & Bouncers

Keep the peace and protect our staff and patrons alike, in the teahouse or perhaps in some more clandestine ventures!


Couriers & Transportation Guards

Safely transport our supplies to us, and our goods to various markets and customers!


Researchers & Consultants

Provide the information brokering side of the business with information on topics of your expertise!


Spies & Investigators
Retrieve information needed for our information brokering clients!

Our application process consists of step-by-step process of a brief general application section, a short RP application section, and an RP “interview.” For those who do not wish to join the FC, we allow guests in our Discord (no app required) if they wish to be involved in either our teahouse events or information brokering and private investigations RP, but please be aware FC members will receive priority in events with a limited number of attendees.Those who wish to attend our public teahouse events and receive reminders of them, or who want to hire our information brokering services, are more than welcome to join the Discord and/or our Fellowship "The Tea Party"! Please contact @Faye via the RPC or in game as Faye Covington, or Destiny (Faye)#8463 on Discord for a Discord invite, or with any questions concerning the FC, application, or Discord.

Apply here!

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Teatime <<Tea>> Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern is happy to announce that with Patch 5.1′s addition of the Fellowship system, we have created an open Fellowship called The Tea Party for our FC and friends! This Fellowship primarily exists to track our upcoming events, make any important announcements, and to facilitate networking based around our FC and venue.

Anyone on the Crystal Data Center is welcome to join this Fellowship on any character(s) you please. Whether you are a member of our FC, interested in the FC, a patron of our events, interested in attending future events, a friend of our FC members, or just looking for RP or new friends–you are more than welcome to join!

Please feel free to make use of message board to make LFRP posts, advertise your own events, or to introduce yourself or just say hello.

- Keep up to date on our events
- Receive any important updates
- Network with us and our allies
- Meet new faces and stay in touch with familiar ones


If you are interested in joining, please contact Faye Covington (Balmung) in game, or search for “The Tea Party” using the Fellowship Finder under the Social Menu.

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