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mateus New to FFXIV and RP. Help?

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So, I have done some minor rp in the past, but it's been a solid year since I have done it even somewhat regularly. To add to that, I am only JUST joining FFXIV. Actually, I am brand new to Final Fantasy in general. I have a couple rp characters set up, all though I am thinking my main is going to be my Au Ra girl, Haname Shirogane. I have a little bit of a personality and backstory set up for her, which is going to (hopefully) be a fun twist to a big trope in storytelling. I want to build a lot of it as I go, as I find it keeps it exciting for me, but I have the big plot points of her story set up already. I do know basic roleplay etiquette as well.


Basically I am wanting to know what other roleplayers look for in someone new to rp with? What do you look for in a character? Do you generally prefer more assertive or meek characters? Do you prefer players who are highly literate and detailed in their roleplay or do you prefer to keep it detailed but without all the extra bells and whistles? What kind of points should I make certain to include in character profiles as well as things I should research as I am still very new to FFXIV. Is there any kind of roleplay etiquette that applies to FFXIV that you don't see on other platforms that I should be aware of? Is there anything else I should be aware of?


I know I want to do semi-paragraph styled roleplay, I like everyday rp, battle rp, dark rp and the VERY occasional ERP, but that's about all I am certain of coming into this new platform. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and if you are interested in rping with me, feel free to let me know


Thank you!

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Every person you meet ingame is going to have different answers for these questions. Not everyone is going to appreciate the effort you put in to tailor your toon to their preferences.


So, the best way to start out is to write your bio and backstory for yourself, and make a toon that you find interesting. Read up a bit on the lore, figure out how your character grew up during their childhood and where they might be from: Gridania, Ishgard, Sharlayan, Othard, and so on. Find out the extent and limit of elements in the setting, as they're extremely varied and high-magic. Everything from void demons, to immortal animals, to pilotable giant goblin-made mecha, to time travel, to planeswalking horse machines, to living sentient weapons canonically exist in this setting in some manner, to name just a few. It can take a while to read up on all of them.


Then, try to find a small and friendly FC that you can practice RP and writing with, feel comfortable with, and with whom you can workshop your character concepts. The same general etiquette for any ingame RP setting also applies in XIV: private RP should be kept private. Public RP is collaborative and anyone should be able to jump in - but don't get caught in the trap of sitting around in Ul'dah forever. Godmoding villain plots and melodrama are generally ignored or laughed at, particularly when they they claim to be the level of incurable plagues or city attacks. Player-run neighborhood taverns and festivals tend to be the most consistent, relatively reliable forms of public RP.


A lot of smaller FCs/linkshells are hungry for members, but may require you to sign up with their Discords or guild forums. Whichever format you're comfortable with for your privacy, it's generally a good idea to work around timezone differences with back-and-forth forum RP posting, co-writing scenes for character development. It may take you a while to observe other people and approach them IC, but finding the right relaxed and tolerant group will be the best thing you can do for yourself long-term.

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