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A Theory [Spoilers]

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So...after playing through 4.5 MSQ, and seeing how even Alisaie has dropped into deep slumber like the remaining Scions. That leaves just Krile, and, sadly, I think Krile and possibly Lyse are also going to drop out of the picture in 4.55 right before Shadowbringers. So, I have a theory about how Shadowbringers is going to be set up. For awhile, since the voice started happening and Scions started dropping, I've had this dreading sensation that something -really- bad is in the works. Then I started putting some pieces together. All of the Scions at this point (at least the main ones, i.e. Thancred, Y'shtola, etc.) are unable to stop what's happening to cause them to drop into slumber, which means, at any moment, Lyse and Krile are bound to have it happen to them. Then I considered the fact all of them are being brought to the Rising Stones, a place that has been infiltrated by traitors before. They're all in one place under 'observation'.


So, I thought of the worst possible thing that could happen, and it fits with what's already being put in motion. All the Scions' bodies are going to be hijacked by the Ascians.


From there, I'd speculate that either they're going to used the Scions to either turn the Warrior of Light against the Alliance...or force the Warrior of Light into their service (using the Scions souls as a bargaining chip), turning the Warrior of Light into the Warrior of Darkness.


To that end, if the former happens, then the WoL and Gaius will become temporary (maybe grudging) allies.


What are your thoughts on this theory? Do you have another theory about what's going to be set up for the next expansion?


Edit: I also thought of something additional considering all the Scions placed in the Rising Stones. They say that Chirurgeons are overseeing them, but they haven't introduced us to any new characters. If I were the WoL, I'd want to -know- who I've entrusted their care to, but that part has been...left out. Hmm.

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Krile/Kururu is heavily involved in the Eureka voidsent storyline, so she might not get affected by the sleepy sickness. The Garleans also tampered already before with her aether, so that might also factor in as a plot point / saving throw.


Lyse/Yda could be next. Considering what happened before with Moenbryda and then with the Crystal Braves, the remaining loyal junior Scions (Hoary, etc.) might've stepped up security with Mor Dhona's help.


My personal guess: either the Alliance gets massacred later at the Ghimlyt Dark with poison gas, or they beat the Ascian possessing Zenos' body and cause a Calamity of Light. Either way, Derplander ends up having to become WoD to reverse these outcomes. Might end up traveling to another shard a la Abyssea, or time-traveling back to ancient Amdapor.


I don't see the Scions being out of commission for too long if they're supposed to be available for the Trust system. Thancred might end up getting training from Gaius to compensate for his damaged aether, and become a gunblade tank as hinted in the trailer. Some people theorize that he's escorting young Minfilia / Minfilia in a new body, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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No love for Tataru, who has also been a Scion since day 1.  :(


On a more serious note...


While I do find it an interesting theory, I doubt it's the case (but I could be wrong). For a long time we've known that if the Light wins total victory, the world is doomed. That was what lead to the Warriors of Darkness storyline in post-HW, and it's been brought up several times since. Someone is trying to remind the WoL and Scions of this fact, and stop them from dooming the world.


Why no one has questioned it before and gone "Hey, Hydaelyn, we need to have a chat about things..." baffles me. But then gain FFXIV is full of otherwise smart people being stupid and/or oblivious.


If the Acians win, the world is doomed. If Hydaelyn wins, the world is doomed. I think in Shadowbringers we're going to FINALLY challenge things, and realize that balance is what needs to be achieved. The 'shadows' could possibly be what comes to help when we 'throw the gates open,' like the voice has been telling us. Who knows, might even be our lost Scions, who have learned the truth of things wherever they're stuck now.

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Tataru's had plenty of love these past two expacs. She's heavily involved with the Four Lords storyline and generally managing the Scions' affairs / being their face in Hingashi. The players and her also shore up the Scions' coffers / repair their finances after earning a buttload of gold at the end of that trial series from helping the auspices.





She also already had her adventure arc in Heavensward. It's unlikely they'll put her in a coma because of how useful she is in her non-combat role while players have to be off doing all the fighting.


There's a lot of speculation around Shadowbringers - we might meet Ashe from Fran's group (unlikely if raid stories remain self-contained). We might meet Zodiark and he could turn out to be more reasonable than the Ascians make him out to be. We might end the Garlean Empire and reestablish the Garlean Republic. We might meet and fight the actual creatures that Kuribu and the winged lion are based on - they might not be just statues anymore. There's also the thinning aether plot point, which will probably be important.


Again just guessing, but if balance is the major theme of the expac - balance between Light and Dark - then it could mean brokering a peaceful reunification between Hydaelyn and Zodiark, and hunting down the extremists of each side. For the Dark, it's Ascians, Voidsent, and genocidal Garleans like Solus - who's leaning very heavily into the ancient psycho trope like Ardyn from FFXV. For the Light, we might have to reign ourselves and others in a bit. Not to go into RL comparisons, but fighting the loudmouthed extremists of two sides would be a timely theme.

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