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Allow me to tell you a story. . .

It all started with one amazing man. Perhaps not even he knew the respect he gained or the consequences for soaring on the wings of perfection. Captain Absolonloix Beaureux arrived to Limsa Lominsa with a charming disposition and coin from a family in far lands. Without hesitation, his first purchase had been a cruiser. His mistress became known as the Midnight Pearl and over time her reputation grew to lay claim to one of the few princesses of the sea.


Absolonloix had started a simple shipping company but his speed and professionalism gained him a clientele with more gil than they knew what to do with. With word of mouth promoting his company, Absolonloix adjusted his company from mundane items to exquisite cargo. Knowing that the adjustment in merchandise would attract attention, Absolonloix put his combat expertise into play and redesigned the entire interior of the Midnight Pearl.


The Captain had been a no-name shipper who had many believed to hold no experience with the vicious behavior of pirates. Yet, when the, "Disgrace of the Tide," attacked the Midnight Pearl they had hardly been prepared for the type of backlash they received. Blown to smithereens, those who survived were captured and held within prison cells that Absolonloix had integrated into the ship. However, when Absolonloix received the news that some of the prisoners weren't part of the crew, and were instead slaves, he started to design a new chapter in the Midnight Pearl's history.



Deals with Heaven & Hell. . .

When the pirates were turned in to Limsa for their treachery, Absolonloix requested the ability to purchase the merchandise that had been aboard the ship. The slaves were signed under his name before he acquired the proper Certificates of Freedom. He signed each slave's name on them followed by his signature, seal, and recorded vocal promotion from slave to citizen. He provided paid work for those who chose to stay aboard his ship. It had been a good tactical move and one that gained him an incredible amount of loyalty from his crew. The decision put him on the radar for both worlds of Limsa Lominsa.


One of the eyes he had gained was the renowned Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn. When Absolonloix received a personal summons from her secretary he had no choice other than to oblige. To his surprise, the Admiral had a request to make from him, and Absolonloix honored it like an order.
For as long as you serve upon the seas, you are to infiltrate the trust of those who disobey me and provide me with their plans. In return, you and yours will be sanctuary and riches.


Yet, how does one infiltrate the black-markets of Limsa? How does a mouse scurry through the underworld and go unheard? Absolonloix stormed from the Admiral's office shouting slurs and vulgarities. Upon near arrest, he struck a guard and departed for the Midnight Pearl. He hadn't arrived and instead was arrested and jailed for three days. It had been in prison that he spread the rumor that the Admiral had taken her authority too far. That he'd never serve her insanity. With his rage, he gained a few names, and had been quick to contact them upon his freedom.


One of those names had been Nenimo Imo, a lalafell genius who had been Commander of the, "Night Rose." Absolonloix had failed to impress the other pirate Captains but Nenimo took interest in the deep betrayal that Absolonloix projected. He informed Absolonloix that he had to pass two trials in order to accomplish an allegiance and access into the underworld. The first was that he needed to successfully raid a luxury shipment and deliver all the items aboard. The second was that he needed to personally kill the captain aboard the cruiser. Without an ounce of hesitation, the deal had been made.



Chess for children. . .

The night had been clear and the Midnight Pearl had tucked herself behind a small island as she awaited her target. The cruiser had no defense against the hell-fire that the Midnight Pearl released upon her. Absolonloix shouted orders above the sound of cannon fire and led several crew members aboard the sinking boat. The party was split up as he sent sailors to raid the cargo and he hunted down the captain. She had been a pale miqo'te, not much larger than five films. White hair was crimped just below her breast and she awaited Absolonloix arrival with her chin tilted skyward defiantly.


It had been his second trial that he hesitated on. Murder had not been his strong suit and perhaps he would have made a deal. Alas, fire from one of his cannons tore through the office and sent wooden shrapnel flying through the air. Unfortunately, one of the slivers had punctured the young miqo'te's kidney and there had been nothing he could do but stage her death. To end her swift suffering he fired an arrow towards her head and hit his target between the eyes. She fell lifeless to the floor and he departed from the room after a soft prayer was whispered.


The Midnight Pearl arrived unscathed to the trader's location. Absolonloix had been awarded for his treachery and it had been then that he was permitted to properly meet with Captain, "Blackroot." A large roegadyn who spared no time for pleasantries.


For as long as you sail these seas you will be mine. You will raise my colors when you raid. You will give me half of your stolen goods. In return? I will show you the world of darkness and together we will reap what the Admiral has sowed.



Merciless mayhem. . .

Months passed and Absolonloix served as the dirty hand of Captain Blackroot. Under his nose, he relayed information that he had become privy to. Names of slaves were taken and he made mental notes to assist them and their families in a future he truly had no idea about. As seasons changed and the Lapis Lazuli Promenade had come and gone, Absolonloix knew he would never hold a frightful but respected reputation in the under-market had he simply been a peon to what many perceived to be a stronger man.


Betrayal had been sweet for the persona that Absolonloix had created for himself. Trust had been such a fickle thing and for Captain Blackroot, it had been his downfall. In the security of a private meeting. Captain Blackroot had no words for the destruction of all he created for the wine that had touched his lips sweetly seared them from his throat. They say that poison is the woman's weapon. However, it had been a woman that moved glaciers with her fury.



Of Kings & Queens. . .

The break of bonds sent a ripple through the world of piracy that turned into a tidal wave. Absolonloix had beheaded his predecessor and laid claim to his throne. He dared the underworld to challenge him and fall to the same fate. Those who had the fury to take up that dare found their ships pillaged and their captains were slain without hesitation. Absolonloix built his reputation upon fear and transformed that fright into respect as he granted mercy to those who submitted to him. By the time the next Lapis Lazuli Promenade came to the seas, Absolonloix had formed strong allegiances.


Captain Absolonloix ruled the seas and blackmarket for a few years to pass. He was eventually coaxed into participating in the Promenade and successfully gained a year's worth of immunity. During his years of success, he held up his end of the bargain. Information was relayed to the Maelstrom about targets, hunting grounds, and fighting methods. Anonymous demands were made to set certain slaves free with coin to pay for their certificates. As pirates were sought out and captured it created more territory for Absolonloix to claim. Yet, Kings and Queens capture the attention of those who wish to steal their thrones.


Ezhara Jinkjahl had been a courtesan for the Captain of the Midnight Pearl. During the Lapis Lazuli Promenade, she had been targeted by a sailor who nearly assaulted her. This had been unsuccessful when her master -- and several others -- stopped the attack. The man that attempted to assault her under a truce was cast overboard and drowned. Two months later Captain Carrilaut Archambeault of the, "Rosen Skull," attempted to reconcile for the behavior of his deceased crew member. The deal and allegiance had looked promising but it had been an elaborate charade. Using a tactic that Absolonloix had in the past, the Midnight Pearl was fired on and destroyed. Absolonloix had gone down with his mistress but not before he made Ezhara his successor.



Revenge is sweeter. . .

For the following five months, Ezhara fled from the Rosen Skull, her sister ships, and law enforcement as they pinned the murder of Absolonloix on her. Buddiah had been a target up for assassination due to the fact he ran the chance of being able to tear apart his lies. He managed to remain in hiding while Ezhara fled and made her own allegiances. Alas, shadows do not exist without light, and Buddiah had been found. Though he successfully survived the assassination attempt he made the decision that Ezhara could no longer be a fugitive. Ezhara turned herself in with the company of Buddiah and a recording of Absolonloix's voice. Shortly after, Ezhara was granted her freedom and entitlements.


That, my friends, is what takes us to the end of this chapter. What happens beyond this point relies on the decision that you make. With the truth of Absolonloix revealed to the world and Ezhara's recent claim of the Midnight Pearl, you have the ability to change the tides. Evil lurks around every corner.


Do you truly wish to fight it alone?



It all started with one amazing man. Perhaps not even he knew the respect he gained or the consequences for soaring on the wings of perfection. Captain Absolonloix Beaureux arrived in Limsa Lominsa with a charming disposition and coin from a family in far lands. Without hesitation, his first purchase had been a cruiser. His mistress became known as the Midnight Pearl and over time her reputation grew to lay claim to one of the few princesses of the sea.


Steadfast  Sanctuary  Serenity }

In times of impending darkness, there are few who go against the bounds that life restricts us with. The Midnight Pearl is founded upon creating a sanctuary for those who cannot face the realm's turmoil alone. They offer a group of steadfast characters who will do everything in their power to see serenity come to a world of horror.  They are protectors of the social, natural, and material worlds. They are leaders in war and in health. But, perhaps more than anything: they are genuine, dedicated, and a guiding light away from the cruelties of the realm.

{ World  You   Us }

The Midnight Pearl is a group of good intentioned characters. We are a collection of storytellers looking towards furthering personal and company roleplay. The Midnight Pearl is founded upon inclusion and is built with family in mind. It is for this reason that the guild has a limited amount of slots available for recruitment. Our stories include battling the grimdark aspects of the XIV continuity (Imperials, the void, and other blackmarket themes), assisting the Grand Companies with bounties and other leves, rescue and rehabilitation, and business. Beyond the stories that are member orientated we also host a variety of socials and community events that are more upbeat in nature. 

All those that are interested can contact management on enjin or in game with any questions. We request that you read over the guild site, and make sure you acknowledge our guild policies before joining. Thank you so much for reading thus far, and we hope to see you soon!




Heavy Roleplayers



Best suited for those with neutral or good intentions

Sanctuary, Adventure, Business

(Adventure includes themes like exploration, mercenary, and resistance work!)

18+ Please read our company policies.

Recruit Status: 
Closed Applications.

Guild Manangement: 
Sunsgerel Monsaran, Aurhik Chevalier, Kaito Nagano, C'kyza Nunh.

The Midnight Pearl

What We Offer Your Character:
Here at the Midnight Pearl, we are both character and company-centric. We run chapter arcs (guild arcs), alongside aid in your character's personal growth, and make sure that they feel involved with the chapter arc. We offer a wide variety of themes from everyday life to tackling the underground. This is a sanctuary, and therefore we offer protection, alongside a tight-knit group of people to work with.

What We Offer The Community:
The Midnight Pearl cares about the community. We provide business opportunities through our shipping company and Pearl Appeal (our pearl & jewelry business). We participate and aid in community plot-lines while also providing our own small to large-scale events. The Midnight Pearl is dedicated to the world around it and tries to involve itself in events hosted by the community or that are important to the realm.

Why Us:
Above all else, The Midnight Pearl is here to offer quality roleplay to those within and outside of the company. We're here to assist in character progression and storylines and create a safe out of character environment for all those who wish to participate with us.

Edited by Moonlit

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Sponsor An Orphan

Hello everyone! The Midnight Pearl is happy to announce that our New & Improved Sponsor An Orphan program is now live! To all of those who signed up for sponsorship at the Little Ladies’ Day Charity Ball & Banquet, your letters are up! You – and everyone else interested – are able to visit our website and view your first monthly letter! 


So, What’s New?

  • First, we’re no longer hosting the Sponsor An Orphan program over Tumblr. Instead, we’ve dedicated a whole portion of our website to the Sponsor An Orphan program. There, you’ll be able to keep track of your letters much easier.  You can even respond to them by signing up with our brief entry application. 
  • Second, we’re now offering sponsorship “tiers.” Those sponsoring can choose between 1, 3, 6, and 12 months (with varying prices!). This makes it more affordable for the community & represents your character’s desires more accurately. 
  • Third, we now have orphan profiles! We’re even in the process of getting commissions of all our orphans from the ever-talented @yourou ! Now when you sign up for the program, your character receives a “profile,” of the character, with art soon to be included! This, alongside your allotted letters, will allow you and your characters to get to know the orphan assigned to them. 
  • Fourth, with having added the Moonlight Reverie to our website, we’re now able to provide you with full information on the program so you know what to expect and what our expectations are! Furthermore, we will be able to keep the website more accurately updated, so you can check for any and all announcements there! 
  • We’re hopeful that the community will enjoy this new experience! If you have any questions, or are interested in signing up for the program, please contact us here or on our Discord: Midnight Pearl#3558

Relevant Links:

*Players will be able to note the announcements on the left side of the website.
*Players can search their character names in the search bar to find relevant threads.
*Players can hover over, “Forums,” to access, “Moonlight Reverie.”
*Enjin is best viewed not on mobile.

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This is pretty neat now that it's off Tumblr. Will be flying out for work irl over the next couple of weeks but will also be in touch

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The Midnight Pearl is still open for recruitment! So if you're old or new here on Balmung, please check us out!

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