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X'ih Tia

Looking for RP~!

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It's nice to be here again~!

IC: Name's X'ih, I'm a Miqo'te from Gridania. I used to be quite active here but, because of some weird things I kinda disappeared from the world and it seems like the Gods have called for me once again. What could I say besides... Mhm.... Oh, I like people who reads books and meeting new people, sometimes being alone feels... Well you get it...


OOC: Well, I'm looking for people who would like to RP, I dont mind if it's through Discord or Ingame (Mateus) and well.. I'm a huge fan of the Quest themes RPs but, I'm pretty much into everything, so if you have any idea just message me and I will answer asap~! 




Name — X'ih Tia

Race — Miqo'te | Seeker of the Sun

Age — 23

BirthDate — 5th Astral Moon (Unknown day)

Orientation — Heterosexual



X'ih is an abandoned Miqo'te, he is supposed to come from a tribe close to the city of Ul'dah, it seemed like either his mother didn't wanted him or he seemed too soft for combat. Anyway, somehow he ended up in the depths of Gridania. The thieves had adopted him and taught him everything needed to survive but at the end, he felt like that wasn't his place and he began to travel around Eorzea.



Great Adventures, PVP, Romance

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Hi~! I think Airi and X'Ih could become good friends. Airi lacks morality and is quite insecure. She hides in a shell, but it can be broken! I recently got back into rp as well. Here's a bit about her:


Name: Airi Shyv

Race: Au'Ra - Xaela

Age: 21

Orientation: Heterosexual



Airi does not know much about where she came from. She was found as an infant inside a weapons crate ordered by the infamous Shyv family deep inside the Black Shroud. As someone raised by Keepers of the Moon, she does not know anything about her heritage. She was initially trained as a White Mage under the guidance of her bigger sister, Tiri Shyv. However, it was quickly realized that she had an affinity for dark magic instead, and thus began to walk down the path of a Black Mage. As a part of her training under the mysterious Shyv family, Airi was cast away alongside her brother Sizi Shyv to undergo rigorous training outside the darkness of the Black Shroud. 



Friendship, romance, drama


Feel free to add me in game (Airi Shyv)

Here is my discord as well: Shyvir#2917


I hope to hear from you!

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