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mateus Wanderer's Ward <WARD>

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The Wanderer's Ward


The Ward was, first and foremost, a labor of love.  Love for your fellow man, and love for the world.  Created for the Wanderer himself, the Ward is a home for all those without.  A place where anyone can come and rest their head, find friendship, and seek a greater purpose in life.  Situated on the cusp of the Mist's beaches, this Adventurer's Guild is the prime location for anyone just striking out in their life to find their way.  No matter who you are, no matter what you've done, the Wanderer's arms are always open.




Hello, and thank you for taking a peek at our thread!  <WARD> is an up and coming Free Company on the Mateus server, with a focus on social activities, helping each other, and a more casual atmosphere.  We are an 18+ Free Company, and yes, sometimes our roleplay may stray in to mature atmospheres.  We do not shy away from this, and take it as it comes.  We welcome any and all alignments, but if you start summoning voidsent in the middle of the yard, you might have a very angry little kitten to deal with.  We hope to offer multiple events on the regular, including:


  • Twice a week map runs, because who doesn't like a bit of extra gil in their pocket?
  • Weekly content runs, up to a vote on what people want to do!  Bird farms, learning EX primals, farming old raids like Coil and Alex for Glamors and Mounts
  • Frequent and flavorful smaller, FC focused RP events.  We're an adventurers guild, so we want to offer small little RP events for people to get acclimated and make contacts, from smaller Levequests meant for a party, to Guildhests that might string along a few events together.
  • Open world Roleplay.  There's so many wonderful locations in the game to choose from, yet people constrain themselves to their houses so often.  Why not have a party at Limsa, with everyone invited?  
  • A place to be yourself.  All characters are openly welcome in the Ward, but please remember even this has it's limits.  We won't judge you OOC'ly, but IC'ly you may find some issues if your character does too many outlandish actions.



If we've peaked your interest, please don't be afraid to message me, even if you're completely new to roleplaying and just getting in to XIV.  We have multiple long time players, myself with over 10,000 hours on XIV and we'd love to help you learn and grow to love the game.  We may be a small start up, but the most massive trees begin with the tiniest of seeds. 


If you want to join the Ward, feel free to message me here, or:


Leader:  Vashril Olkund, discord @Vashril#0001

Co-Lead: Rose Adelvice, discord @Rose#3333


Feel free to join our discord and chat, learn about the FC and it's members, or just join in on some events!


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Your FC sounds like something I'm exactly looking for! 

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