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I have been playing FFxiv for a while now and I would love to get in to RP.

I never done it so I would love some tips and tricks.

Also what is the best level to start?

and are there some things I really need to pay attestation too?

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Hey hey, welcome to the world of rping! As far as tips and tricks might I suggest first looking and seeing what kind of character you’d like to create. Start working on the finer details like their personality, history, likes and dislikes and then from there you can move on to the smaller things (interesting quirks and such).



Keep in mine that despite this being a game maybe your character shouldn’t be a master Dragoon who is also a ninja and the best chef. This is your character you are making but I think characters are best when grounded and flawed in some fashion. 


My character Honi is a tad naive and has a tendency for finding himself in awkward situations for instance. 


Look into the lore lore of the world as well as that is the perfect source to help guide you. 


As for what lvl you should be that is up to you entirely however imo, it does help to be high enough to port to different regions. 


I hope this this was helpful and if you have any other questions just fire away. 

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Being flexible and willing to change is always a good trait. Sometimes when you start with a character you can have one thing in mind, but find yourself wandering in a totally different one. Remember that nothing is set in stone and don't worry about walling yourself in. If you have several jobs leveled then you may want to develop alternate versions of your character for different occasions or to mix things up.

It is good to have major areas opened up, but you could also mix discovering them into you characters story.

Don't sweat the small stuff with lore. There's a lot of it and even people really into it can make mis-remember things or forget. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask out of character. Good RP partners will either be able to help you with your questions or roll with anything that's not 100% accurate for the sake of everyone's enjoyment and a good story.

A great place to start actual RP is checking for RP events. Party Finder often has listings advertising them and places like here or Tumblr communities will list them. That way you know that everyone who's there is there for RP and it can be easier then just doing a cold walk up to someone.   

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I think the place to start off is your character. Figure out what you want to do with them and what they are like. A good tip for developing your character is being able to describe them in a short sentence, then think more on the concept.

RP is scary especially when new to it. I say find a group of friends and go from there, a discord even will help with OOC discussion. Most roleplayers, especially experienced ones, are very patient and will answer any questions you have.

As for levels, it's up to you. I honestly waited til I had a good looking outfit for my character before I RP'd, just to give her a unique appearance of her own.

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