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Land, ho!


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Avast ye! A new player arrives! 

I played Final Fantasy XI briefly back in the day. I played FF XIV from the beta and then for roughly two months after release. But all in all back then it wasn't what I wanted in an MMO. The game didn't captivate me or engage me in any particular way. But seeing how my laughable Legacy status gave me a free shot at ARR, I thought I might as well give these folks another chance, seeing the work and spirit put into development.


And well, I was just enamored by the changes, and I found the world immersive and alive and all things that are good, and now I found myself preordering where I thought I was done with this franchise. 


About myself, I am a Psychology student somewhere in Spain, who has a main interest in RP when it comes to MMOs. I am a 'heavy RPer' by definition, as much as I hate those categories, and have been around pretty much most MMO around for a while (consumerism, yay), to only stick around those with a strong RP sense of community. Hopefully to be found here. Also a big fan of music, I sing in a shitty metal band, etc.


I will be starting fresh with a new character, who for now is almost surely going to be a Roegadyn Sea Wolf male, probably with a main focus as a Marauder, or some other spanky class. I'm still a little oblivious to a lot of FF XIV's lore, but I'm learning, so please bear with me!

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What!? No one has said hi yet?? :?

Well then let me be the first to say.. HI! I would say if you need any help getting integrated into the community, feel free to let any one of us know. But by the looks of your posts I've already seen, you've done a good job of that already!


Welcome back to the FFXIV franchise.

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While I'm not much of a pirate, have a hearty "Yaaar!" and welcome from me as well. 8-)


There are plenty of places to take in the lore lingering around here, so I wouldn't feel rushed with that at all. Everyone's seemed really patient & helpful with answering most questions from what I've seen so far!

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Yay for the pirate speak! :)


Double yay for the psychology major! :D


Triple yay for the music-loving! :lol:


Welcome... back? You said you played before, so I'll go with that. And don't listen to Zarek. Pirates are way cooler than ninjas.


Just wondering, though... Are you actually going to be playing your character as a pirate? And don't worry about not knowing the lore. I'm still trying to figure it all out, myself, being new and all. So you're definitely not alone in that boat!

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Welcome! Hey Mara, Merri has a forum sticky about the lore for 1.0 up somewhere. It's purty useful.


You're, like... the fifth person to point this out to me. I think maybe I should start putting a disclaimer that I KNOW about this thread, I just haven't had the time to actually give it a thorough read, lol. Thanks for pointing it out again, though. :)

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