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  1. I agree with Damien. I think that fundamentally it's not about the Mudras themselves, but actually the skillset that your masters might deem appropriate for a Shinobi to possess before you're "trusted" with another Mudra. Perhaps anyone with good manual dexterity could learn the Mudras quick and effectively, but the point of a Ninja is to use them in combat; to have them so devoted to muscle memory and knowing so well when their application is appropriate that you couldn't simply master all of them in a month because they are part of the lifestyle of a Ninja. Knowledge of a Mudra =/= Mastery of a Mudra, and Ninjutsu is not exclusively the study of Mudras. How long? I couldn't say, likely depending on how intensely you train, how effective your masters are, and your own capacity, but I'd like to think that the Ninja fantasy sort of implies that you know each and every one of the Mudras in such an in-depth manner that you'd probably need months of training to be deemed worthy of a Mudra, then months of training to commit that Mudra to memory and all it adds to your already solidified technique. It might help to think of it as earning a black belt in a Martial Art. You could have it in 2 years with intense daily training, or in 5 years with a couple training sessions a week.
  2. Love your style! So cute!
  3. Hey guys! After having life snatching me from FFXIV for a couple of years some friends recently dragged me into the game again and as someone who had always mained WAR, I found myself trying out AST and really loving the concept. Now, as I'm a creature of high taste and refinement, I play a Roegadyn Sea Wolf who is not an established character. Essentially, he's a blank slate as I never truly RPed him despite having plans for it. I was trying to figure out a concept that might be interesting because even if I don't want to play a very cerebral Ishgardian sort of Astrologian, I think that there's legitimate fun in trying to RP card readings and sort of a lighthearted Tarot with players. ... my problem is that I'm looking for a way to have it make sense that I'm a Roegadyn, and not one particularly invested in anything Ishgard at all. So I was thinking of perhaps playing him as a Navigator who used the stars and other signs for his work on ships, and eventually picked up Astrology more as a parlor trick but eventually did learn the art. Point being is that I'd love to have more of a roguish take on a fortune teller, while still having a practical use for the class proper. Is this something you'd consider viable or should he just be a hack with a deck of cards? My AST lore is a bit rusty and I'm not really sure about how to go with the foundations of the character. If I can't make it work I have an absolutely dashing RDM set with cowboy hat and all, so not all is lost.
  4. I personally don't like it in most cases because I've seen it done very poorly in different settings, and a lot of the time it boils down to a person creating a character like that because they simply don't like how the race they're adopting the culture from looks. A lot of elves being raised by monstrous races come to mind. Is there precedent in the universe? Yes, clearly, as proven in this post. Will some RPers judge your character poorly by default at least initially? Quite likely. If you're fine with that, go right ahead.
  5. After a very long absence I'm back into the game stronger than ever, but so far I want my RP horizons to expand a bit further than trying to get some serious RP from the Quicksand's patrons. If any spots are available, I'd love an invite for Altai Iriq.
  6. I'd be more than happy to be the manatee to a mentor so we can hold hands and have a merry symbiotic relationship of fun and giggles.
  7. Koko

    I'm Curious

    Well my character sees all Lalafell as cute little skittering babbies that are just heartwarming to look at. Even if they're gritty, badass mofos. Like little onion people puppies.
  8. Koko

    EU Roleplayers

    I'm Spanish (GMT+2). So yay, Europe. And I am going to most probably, with 99% certainty going to be on Balmung.
  9. Welcome! I kinda just woke up so I can't be original. Sorry.
  10. I play guitar and sing in a shitty, grimy metal band. And no, not posting any vids. We suck donkey dick.
  11. Koko

    Land, ho!

    He is close to being 50, so I might include a past of piracy. But now he's old and jolly and no one would ever think he ever was a pirate. Nyerk nyerk.
  12. Koko

    This is a test...

    no go away pls Also hi.
  13. I always Roleplay my characters' physical appearance according to their lifestyle. My Roegadyn here will be brutish, scarred and visibly aged (as befits someone close to the fifties who has worked at a forge for a lifetime, or battled wielding axes). In WoW my rogue was an old military veteran who was pretty ugly due to a lifetime of scars (most done by player characters, as far as having half his face burnt). My SWTOR bounty hunter was similarly ugly. My Secret World mage character was a sickly, gaunt sort of Lovecraft type. I do RP extremes, but I think that these quirks and choices add a lot of flavor, but then again I am one more prone to have characters with a much wider set of flaws than actual prowess in any field, because I think that it's limitations, and not masteries, which bring greater depth to interaction. Most my characters excell in one of three areas: Social interaction, physical strength, or mental strength, and then are 'neutral/secondary' in another, and 'bad' in another, as a rough picture.
  14. Koko

    Land, ho!

    Pirates are swell, ninjas smell. And thanks for the welcome guys.
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