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  1. Thank you very much! ;u;
  2. Based off a recent rp with Caudecus' friend, Dacien Mythale. Just a couple of nerds talking about voidsent and nerd things.
  3. Ah, finally. A Formal art reference for Caudecus Patenaude, my Ishgardian Duskwight Elezen. Scholar, and heretic.. as well as the caretaker of many small, and very mischievous voidsent. https://rhapsodical-bookeeper.tumblr.com/ - His IC Character Blog is over yonder!
  4. Something I finished yesterday for the RP blog I run for Caudecus~
  5. Was more of a quick doodle for some personal practice. But a little peak into Caudecus' appartment.
  6. Drew one of the folks in my FC~ (Casually Pretending - RP!)
  7. ‘They say he’s one of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet. But I don’t know.. something just ain’t right. No one can be like that without harborin’ some personal demons, you know?’ - Random Maelstrom Recruit A bit of a quick doodle this time.
  8. When an idea goes from a single image to a comic style page. Oops. (My character, Caudecus, summoning Bahamut.)
  9. Some warm-up sketches of Caudecus~
  10. If he's need of a book-keeper, and a contact in the Maelstrom, or just someone to hang out with after any work to have drinks with at the Gold Saucer, or even a rival/friendly chocobo racer (Caudecus is pretty heavy into the racing scene on his off hours.), feel free to hit me up. My character, Caudecus Patenaude, is an Ishgard-born Duskright Elezen, a member of the Maelstrom, and someone often buried in paperwork. But really optimistic and willing to have friends~
  11. Welcome to FFXIV, and Materus as well!
  12. Here we go, all done~ Someone take my tablet away from me.
  13. Just doing some sketching of my loser of an Ishgardian before bed~
  14. Oh snap, Hai Pumpkin! And yee, always drawing, never stopping! It is so right, it really is.
  15. An actual finished piece this time. And it's my two characters~ Makumbo Mubarak (Siren) and Caudecus Patenaude (Mateus)!
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