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  1. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    Was more of a quick doodle for some personal practice. But a little peak into Caudecus' appartment.
  2. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    Drew one of the folks in my FC~ (Casually Pretending - RP!)
  3. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    ‘They say he’s one of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet. But I don’t know.. something just ain’t right. No one can be like that without harborin’ some personal demons, you know?’ - Random Maelstrom Recruit A bit of a quick doodle this time.
  4. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    When an idea goes from a single image to a comic style page. Oops. (My character, Caudecus, summoning Bahamut.)
  5. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    Some warm-up sketches of Caudecus~
  6. Novasiri

    mateus Engineer Swordsman needs Friends

    If he's need of a book-keeper, and a contact in the Maelstrom, or just someone to hang out with after any work to have drinks with at the Gold Saucer, or even a rival/friendly chocobo racer (Caudecus is pretty heavy into the racing scene on his off hours.), feel free to hit me up. My character, Caudecus Patenaude, is an Ishgard-born Duskright Elezen, a member of the Maelstrom, and someone often buried in paperwork. But really optimistic and willing to have friends~
  7. Novasiri

    New to both FF14 and RP, hello!

    Welcome to FFXIV, and Materus as well!
  8. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    Here we go, all done~ Someone take my tablet away from me.
  9. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    Just doing some sketching of my loser of an Ishgardian before bed~
  10. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    Oh snap, Hai Pumpkin! And yee, always drawing, never stopping! It is so right, it really is.
  11. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    An actual finished piece this time. And it's my two characters~ Makumbo Mubarak (Siren) and Caudecus Patenaude (Mateus)!
  12. Novasiri

    Nova's Doodles

    Just a thread to post FFXIV related doodles that I'll do more of. Right now, I just have my character, Makumbo (the main character of my webcomic, turned Lalafell ), on Siren. When I'm able to roll a character on Mateus, I'll be building my D&D character, a drow cleric named Caelan. So will have sketches of him eventually.
  13. Siren's a pretty quiet place, I'd vote for it~ Pretty common to see open housing spots too.
  14. Novasiri


    Hello everyone! The names Nova, webcomic artist by day, Dungeon Master by night, and awkward player of games by.. what ever free time I may have. I've recently joined the game, as in.. 3 days ago, after being permanently burned off of WoW, waiting in limbo between Living World Seasons in GW2, and burned out on ESO. I heard wonderful things about FFXIV, and so I got it as an early personal birthday present. So far, I'm greatly enjoying it! But one thing I do look for in games, is roleplay.. Even currently part of 2 tabletop campaigns ( 1 D&D5e and 1 Starfinder[Pathfinder but.. in space] ). So I end to search it out in the games I play as well! So, rather.. idiotically I didn't search for the RP servers that people designated in the game, and just rolled with some comic maker friends over on Siren. And now, looking at the server choices for RP. Oof.. the regret is sinking in. Thankfully I haven't gotten very far, level 35-ish on a single class and poking around on crafting, so re-rolling shouldn't be too bad. But I suppose as a newplayer I'd like to ask, which would be the server to roll on for RP if you're more into plots, over arching stories and an emphasis on character development? But ye, hello, hi!