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mateus Windward Horizon Salvage and Trade.

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Windward Horizon

Proprietors of The Rose & Thorn tavern.
Salvagers of land and sea.


Who we are:

Windward Horizon is a salvage and trade based company, operating out of The Rose & Thorn tavern. The two businesses work in tandem to bring in plentiful coin and bounty for those that call these walls home.



What we're looking for:

Interested in joining our ranks? We welcome characters from all walks of life and alignments. Any who are looking for some adventure, coin and a family to join are welcome to apply. We are a brand new FC seeking members to fill our ranks and make a start to our crew! Looking for both social and heavier roleplayers, so if you're interested, fill out our short application below, or get in contact with us for more information on what we hope to achieve in our guild!

Examples of IC positions we're looking to fill:

  • Entertainers
  • **Tavern staff** (In greatest need of.)
  • Salvaging crew
  • Pilots
  • Engineers
  • Medical staff
  • Security


We have made the recent decision to open recruitment only to those interested in getting their active, main characters involved as part of the FC. For the moment, we will not be accepting alts.


Our focus right now:

Our focus right now is seeking more players who are both active, and proactive when it comes to getting involved in, and starting RP. We've had to cut back on our event schedule recently, simply due to the strain planning so much was putting on our admins. For now, and the foresable future, our event schedule is as follows per month:

  • Week 1 - Scheduled Open RP day. (A day for people to just come and hang out ICly. We suggest a set of scenarios/locations at the start of the week in a poll, highest rated is what we get up to.)
  • Week 2 - A combat oriented RP event.
  • Week 3 - Scheduled Open RP day.
  • Week 4 - A salvaging oriented RP event.


Currently, we are not opening our bar to the public due to a lack of available tavern staff.

This schedule is repeated each month, with the occasional special event added in. Check our calendar here for seeing what we have planned for the month ahead! 

Along with that, you can expect us to have a light to medium focus on PvE and content. (Raids, maps, crafting etc).


Get in contact!

Please feel free to use any of the below methods to get in contact with us for more information, or to apply!

  • Discord - Mirshandri#7315 (FC admin)
  • Discord - Caparzo#9713 (FC admin)
  • Carrd website - https://windward.carrd.co/
  • Our IG location - MATEUS, Goblet, Ward-6, plot-6 (Feel free to come have a look around the premises!)
  • Member application - https://forms.gle/FAzVv9TZGHmUdYFd7 (Accepting main characters only for now)
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We've welcomed quite a few new members into our ranks recently! Welcome everyone, looking forward to all of the adventures we'll have together!
Screenshot below is from our most recent salvaging event.

2019-10-03 11-41-32 EG11 - 08 - Radiance.png


We're still open for recruitment! Send in an application at the link below - 
Member application - https://forms.gle/FAzVv9TZGHmUdYFd7

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Updated the focus with our event schedule. 

EDIT: 11/02/20 We're currently closed for recruitment.

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