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Hello All!

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Hi All!


Lurked for a bit so I thought I'd introduce myself and get situated before Phase 4/Early Access. I'm really excited about Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. So here we go!


[] MMORPG Background []

World of Warcraft - Started at launch and played through the first few months of Mists of Pandaria. I mostly invested my time doing PvE progression in Vanilla, BC, and Wrath. In BC & Wrath I dabbled in Arenas with some buddies and eventually in Cata and Mists I solely turned to PvP because I had burned out.


Aion - Started playing at launch and logged a few months before my interest dwindled.


Eve Online - This game is such an addictive time sink! The intricacy and diversity really drew me in. I still play sparringly when I get the itch. Unfortunately, most of the people I played with stopped and I value community pretty highly in games that are vying to hold my attention.


Star Wars: The Old Republic - The story and way that quests were dealt with drew me in at launch. I enjoyed the cutscenes and choices on how to leave a situation, it allowed me to really develop a character. Unfortunately, lack of end game content updates and the F2P shenanigans really turned me off from the game.



[] RP Experience []

While I've always been interested in building characters and developing a bond with them, I have little experience in RP. In World of Warcraft I started out on a RP server in Vanilla and played there for a few months. I RP'd a bit but then real-life friends took my attention and I rerolled on their server and never looked back. *Sigh*


With that being said, I truly look forward to learning the lore and meeting the RP community in FF14. Barring any crazy changes I plan to roll on Balmung with you all. I like to think of catching up on the Legacy server as a challenge mode that I'll conquer mercilessly. =D



[] Character Ideas/Info []

I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head, but I want to familiarize myself with the lore a bit more so that I don't mangle my character. But when I do flesh out "Jayce Lightfall" (Decent/Bad Name?) I'd definitely be interested in hearing feedback. Would I post a character Bio/Story to RP Discussion?



[] How Did You Learn About The Coalition? []

I tend to surf a lot of sites, especially Reddit. A couple weeks ago I recieved my Beta Invite so I looked for the subreddit. Coincidentally one of the posts that I took notice of was asking about Role-Playing and there was a link to this site. Since then I've been lurking a bit to get the feel of the community and I finally decided to introduce myself.



[] What Kind Of A Role-Player Are You Aiming To Be? Light, Medium, Or Heavy? []

Ultimately I'm aiming to be a Heavy Role-Player, but I'm flexible and willing to meet/interact with everyone regardless of style. I have a lot to learn, so I'm hopeful that the community around here will give me a chance and teach me a bit.



[] Anything From Real Life You're Comfortable With Sharing? []

Not particularly sure what to share. I like reading, cooking, and long walks on the beach? =P


Kidding. I can share that while I'm not as highly creative as my sibling, I find myself writing a lot; poems, short stories, novels, etc. Unfortunately, I'm my own biggest critic and find that most of it doesn't read that well. But practice makes things reasonably more... coherent I suppose.

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