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LF RPs, Connections. So many characters...

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RP experience: I've been a participant in many drawn out RPs, which took place on art websites. It's really no different than reading a comic, but instead both artists are responsible for creating a panel or several to serve as responses. I have also done text RPs on both Discord and on Google Docs. I have yet to strike up any RPs in game as that is a new territory for me. My knowledge on FFXIV lore could be better, but I'm an eager learner, so anything that is incorrect concerning my characters, I apologize in advance and always welcome experienced lore players to help me.


I have a lot of characters. I enjoy making concepts and trying to flesh them out, but you can only do so much on your own. I would love to forge connections with other people, which I believe will help foster a stronger bond and love for my characters and the game entirely. I will only give small blurbs about my characters here since again.... there are just too many to have numerous in depth profiles for them all, but it is something I am currently working on.


Silvaire Komione, Male, Elezen, Ishgardian, 47 years old


Silvaire hails from Ishgard. He was a nobleman who was quite outspoken on his views on the wrongs of the aristocracy, and how it was their duty to help those in the lower social classes--especially given the fallout of the Dragonsong War. Needless to say, his views weren't widely shared and he was mocked for his efforts. It was a shame to his family given the embarrassment they faced each day; hearing new tales about their "delusional" son. Fed up of the public ridicule he faced, Silvaire decided to leave home. He set his sights on Eorzea and never looked back. However, he still wears a ring that bears his family crest. Regardless of his unwillingness to speak of his family, he does still miss his mother at the very least, and she is the only reason why he keeps the ring. 

Silvaire became an adventurer for many years, as he wanted to help others. Though as time went on, he found that less important quests came his way. Instead it was menial things, such as delivering packages or letters. He went into an unofficial retirement, and decided that his efforts would be more fruitful as a healer for hire--travelling to clients or receiving them at his house if required. To further occupy his time, he took up journalism for a company in Ul'dah, the Daily Inquiry. They were a small team of reporters that wanted to publish articles and a newspaper like the Mythril Eye. 


[Kind, empathetic, perfectionist, self-less, analytical, cautious, humble]



Alric Viscar, Male, Elezen, Ishgardian, ??? years old


Lord Alric Viscar has been alive longer than anyone can accurately guess. His secret? Well, he's not entirely mortal. Many, many years ago, Alric made a deal with the Void to keep his youthful appearance and good looks, of which he was (and is) obsessed with. He didn't desire to age and become unattractive, so losing his mortality and soul seemed like an insignificant price to pay. He made a deal with a voidsent being, and the deed was done. However, his immortality comes at a price. For lack of better words, he is something akin to a vampire; drinking the blood, life force, and aether of others.


Lord Viscar remains a mystery to most, and he likes it so. On the surface he appears to be just another wealthy Elezen bachelor, looking for meaningless hookups. Partially, that assessment is correct. He doesn't kill all of his dates, only a small few of them. Even then, he's not a complete monster and likes to make things.... enjoyable for his victims before they meet a gruesome death.


[Flirtatious, arrogant, egotistical, vain, callous, quiet, calculating]


Eckhart Thanax, Elezen/Hyur, Eorzean, 19 years old


Eckhart is the descendant of Alric Viscar. However, neither of them are aware of each other. Since an early age, Eckhart has been interested in all Void related matters. Rather than wanting to connect to the Void for villainous and nihilistic reasons, Eckhart wishes to harvest the powers of the Void for good. There is potential there, but the risks are high and plenty.  Eckhart is already a good mage, but he wants to become stronger to protect those he loves and even the world if needed. He still seeks knowledge on the Void before trying to make contact with beings from that realm. He is hoping that being pure of heart will help protect him from its dark influences. 


He welcomes conversation about the occult and other dark practices if he believes it'll lead into discussions on the Void. While he isn’t the best at being sociable, often appearing rude and demeaning, it is not his intentions. He has never had any structured relationships due to his mixed heritage--being outcast for it--, so he is unsure when it comes to forming alliances and friendships. If someone is willing to try, he will be willing to get out of his comfort zone and extend a hand.

[Curious, confident, superstitious, eager]



Vincent Grayves, Male, Hyur, Lominsan, 34 years old


Once a notorious Lominsan pirate, captain of the Rhalgr's Doom, Vincent built a reputation for himself by looting, pillaging, and terrorizing smaller villages and outposts in Limsa Lominsa. He was young and wild, with a desire to explore the world and defy any and all authority. Growing up in the worst of conditions had hardened his spirit and turned him bitter during his early teenage years, which he held onto during his piracy days. However, given his attitude, he was accustomed to stepping on the toes of those more powerful and far more wrathful than himself. The inevitable happened, and Vincent was subject to a mutiny--his crew had teamed up with a different captain; one whom Vincent had crossed some months prior, and under the promise of better leadership his crew was eager to betray him. He suffered a vicious beating, tossing him into a coma, and was left for dead at the Aleport docks. Once nursed back to health, he'd found that his memory was gone. No recollection of his past. The couple that had taken pity on him and brought him back to their home in Limsa, had informed him that he'd been unconscious for a sometime.


He stayed with the couple to repay them for their kindness, but it also provided him security as he did not have anywhere else to go--that he knew of. Living among humble people had turned his now blank slate of a personality into a respectable , happy, and energetic man. He is now a fisherman who frequents the Lominsan markets to sell his catch.


[Jovial, boisterous, helpful, protective, dimwitted/absent-minded]



I also do have a Miqo'te female that I tried to get connections for way back: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/topic/21889-illiterate-miqote-with-big-dreams-lfc/


I'm more active on Discord, so please feel free to message me there if you have questions, are interested, or even just want to talk: Blight#7030


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