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Greetings From a New Player

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Hello Everyone,


With the impending release of A Realm Reborn I decided that I want to create an RP character to enjoy the world and community in a new way. I was led here by someone on the beta tester forums, and I'm happy to have found what appears to be a very talented and dedicated community of role-players.


I played version 1.0 from open beta on and off throughout its lifespan, being somewhat serious about it towards the beginning and then again towards the end. I have a Legacy character on Sargatanas. I have been "officially" role-playing (meaning playing a game with rules rather the improvisational stories my friends and I would play out as kids) for about 15 years. I got my start with an old boxed set of Dungeons & Dragons (the simplified 2E rules) and since then have played countless games and also have been heavily involved in LARPing. I was a member of the plot staff for a high fantasy (though at times genre-bending) game until moving to Japan in March of this year.


Now I'm in Japan until spring 2014, and find myself with a terrible lack of RP in my life.


While I'm highly interested in RPing in an online game, I've never actually done it. I'm very open to constructive criticism and correction so please don't hesitate to say something if I make any faux pas.



LunaticVoice (character name to be decided)

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Hello! Welcome! It's super fun here, I hope you enjoy yourself. Everyone's been super nice. ^^ Oh! And there's a thread on here that someone made for skype rps until open beta starts and the game comes out, so you can uhm... what's the word? Get started in establishing your character. If I find it again I can link it to you if you want. Also, people are very helpful here too.

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Thank you for the warm welcome. What I wouldn't do for a nice plate of cheese that doesn't cost a small fortune here in Japan. I will probably spend most of my time on here lurking and reading old posts until I come up with a character concept. I'm pretty set on being a male Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te (original, I know) since I like their design a lot, but I'm still thinking of a story that is flexible and can fit well into the existing lore. Once Balmung opens up to new players I'll probably start playing him. I'm a bit worried about making a new character on a Legacy server, but I've heard good things about Balmung so I'm not too worried about not being able to find people to do content with or the economy being insane and impossible for a new character to participate in.

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