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We must save the crystals or orbs or the moon—whatever.

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The world is veiled in darkness. The wind stops, the sea is wild, and the earth begins to rot. The people wait, their only hope, a prophecy....


Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!


Good Morning to all of you, the fantastic people of this forum.


I'm sure you are all bursting with gooey excitement to hear about me, Kaizer Grimm.  I'll start by wowing you all with the fact I've been playing video games for 22 years... maybe longer I can't remember being younger then 2. Good times, good times.


I have played a great deal of RPGs of both the offline and online varieties. I have not, however, participated in any actual role playing. Except, this one time my friends invited me to play DnD with them. That game is why I have decided to try my hand at role playing in FFXIV with a group of amazing people, that would be the lot of you.


Now readers I know what you are thinking and you are right. This post has been positively vague and void of any real substance. And while it wasn't supposed to turn out this way, I'll use it to my advantage, being mysterious is always a great way to make people like you... right?


Oh, alright ask me anything, that could be fun too.

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Wow!!  You've been playing vidja games almost as long as I have!!  :angel:


Great intro though!  Any thought given yet to what kind of character you're interested in playing?  Race?  Job?  Personality?  Preference in dessert dishes?  :D


Looking forward to reading more!  :thumbsup:

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I can feel the friendships forming already. Thank you all for the warm greeting.


I have indeed been thinking about the character I will be playing, thanks for asking Eva. Prepare yourself for too much information about nothing and not enough information about everything.


For race I'm quite sure I'm going to be female Roegadyn. If you are curious as to why... well I'm going to tell you anyways. I simply find them to be beautiful and yes I am aware of how creepy that sounds. I had a male Roegadyn when the game first launched simply because I thought they were the most visually appealing at the time.


Choosing a job is trickier. I simply want to play them all, I did in FFXI and I always maxed all jobs in 3, in 5, in Tactics and the advance titles, and in X-2. Also 13/13-2 if you count those as jobs. And I always had too many alts so I could play everything in every other MMO I've played. Now for order of priority that would probably be Dragoon or Monk which ever I find to enjoy the most. Afterwards would be Black Mage and Paladin. After that is whatever I feel like. And of course some if not all the crafting and  gathering will be leveled during all of this. I know in character that this would be a bit much for her so I'm still deciding on her skills/capabilities.


Now personality, this section is going to be a mess and I advise you all to look away now. She is going to be an upbeat, sarcastic type. Probably too flirty by half and almost always in jest. Will be friendly with most but makes friendships slow as molasses in Blizzaga. Has never been in a relationship and hasn't decided if that is because she isn't interested in that type of interaction or just hasn't met the right person. Enjoys dancing, moving and sparring. She loves a good fight and the closer to death she dances the more fun she has, but she loathes killing. She is intelligent but not very learned. Well that is a basic outline of what she will be. It needs work and many aspects need to be looked at fleshed out. Will be the first character I've ever made so I'm interested to see where it will go.


Dessert would obviously have to be a shake. Take a cup of chocolate milk, 2 bananas, two spoons of peanut butter stick 'em in a blender.





So what time should I be there for the moon dancing? I can't think of a better way to spend a night.

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Gotta agree abuot femroegadyn there... My main of course will be a Moon'qote, as before, but I'm aiming for a roegirldin alt (I love making up words).


I also suffer from heavy alticism, witch 1.0 severely restrained by offering a single character slot at first and sahre your tendency to do ALL the jobs (and I absolutely love FF Tactics on the PsP for that, cause more jobs! and better translations).


And I'm not sure about the schedule for those dances but I'd put my gils on around midnight.

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People who make up words are always the best people to listen to. So you are going to have to talk to me a lot.


It is funny because my love of making alts actually spawned because of FF11 where my Elvaan could play any job I wanted and then my friends talked me into playing WoW with them and I couldn't handle being so restricted so I had entire servers full of max levels just so I could play any class on either side.


The PSP FF Tactics was much better except that lag that would happen with the mages for some reason.


Dancing at midnight under the moon in a thunderstorm I hope the gods are happy with me.

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