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Getting into an RP World


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I currently play on the Elemental Server, Tonberry world to be precise. It feels like a small world for English speakers given the smaller amount of active players compared to the NA Data Centers. Within that already small pool, it seems to be impossible to find a sizable, present, and active role-play community. I have no experience RPing in this game, nowhere near starting something of my own either. At this point, it may be better transferring an Alt to Gilgamesh and participating there. This would be the best course of action, yes? Given that it most likely is, I'm seriously considering doing so. I'm assuming being able to transfer into Balmung is but a fleeting dream in this immediate moment (It also always seems like my friends are having fun without me there ;-;) but if there's an opportunity I'm not aware of, I hope to take that into consideration as well.

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I can't speak to the amount of RP on other data centers, but what I do know is that Crystal (Where Balmung and Mateus are), is more or less the 'main' data center for RP. Other centers might have large scenes as well and I'm sure someone who plays in one of them could paint you an accurate picture! If you have no attachments to Gilgamesh in particular, I'd recommend maybe switching to a server like Zalera or Brynhildr, or Mateus if you're able to get into that? Something on Crystal.

They've added a world visit system not too long ago, you can go to one of the three city state's aetherytes and visit other worlds on your datacenter. That means you can visit Balmung and Mateus whenever you want for RP! I have several contacts from servers like Goblin and Zalera, and the world visit doesn't hinder us at all. It tacks about a minute onto us getting a scene started, and you'd be free to hang around in the RP hubs and meet other roleplayers. So your dream of existing in Balmung isn't so fleeting, you'd just have to world visit to it. :) 

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I'm sorry that your experience hasn't been very fruitful so far. :(


If you're going to transfer to a North American Data Center I concur with Lihya, Crystal is your best bet. Every so often there's a gap of time where you can plant a character on Balmung, so don't lose hope on that dream. And, as Lihya noted, once your on any of the Crystal servers you'll be partying with your friends regardless! \o/ The restrictions on World Visit won't effect RP. ^_^ 

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