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Please Help Me, new at at RP

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Hello! I really want to get into RP in FFXIV but I don't know where to start. Like I had a main that was supposed to be an Au Ra Xaela Shaman. Well long story short, I started over because I had an idea for a "new age" shaman. Like the original was the "traditional" shaman (Black/White Mage) and my idea for a "New Age" shaman is more like (Machinist/Gunbreaker). The idea is that my toon can hear the ancestors in the machines. 


I chose a Hyur but I'm thinking I want to change race, but not sure to what. So what advice would you give me on how to flesh out the story of my new age/steampunk shaman? (P.S., I've only finished the story up until arriving at Aazys Lla) 


Thank you all for any advice you could give me 😊

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I've moved the topic over to Character Workshop since this looks to be more about your character than general RP concepts and methods.


What's worked for me and quite a few others is to start with your character's current motivations and needs, filling in the blanks as you go. Remember that while backstory is useful for determining those wants/needs/motivations, people cannot RP with your backstory. They RP with your character as seen presently. (Yes, some do collaborative writing to mesh backstories too, but what I mean is they're not typically RPing out your character's past events). 


So what are some things your character's up to? Do they have any goals or other motivations? Places to go, people to see, etc? 


As you progress in the game, you'll find a bit more lore on the Xaela when you reach the Steppes. I'd also recommend checking out some of Sounsyy's lore compilations over on https://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update . Things like units of measurement, time/date, and racial stuff are all a good start, and there's bound to be some related topics to your interests as well!

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