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Roegadyn MKI

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*Offers sacrificial pie* 


Ok. After bouncing this character idea off my fiancee and then my mentor, and both of them liking it I am going to roll out my Roegadyn MKI character. Please, feel free to leave any constructive criticism/helpful thoughts you can as I build him further  :geek:



Night Rain GhostGuard (Nachtroegan Geisswaht)

Father: Blaetdaeg Geisswaht

Mother: Doeseyha Geisswaht


For centuries, the Hellsguard believed the mountains of flames to be the gates to the underworld. Their line has for centuries stood vigil over them to prevent passage of souls back to the realm of the living. Over the years, however, more Hellsguard's have come down from their mountain homes and have joined the general civilization of Eorzea. There is, however, a tribe of Hellsguard that have continued watching over the gates of hell, as they have done for centuries. They are a nomadic tribe that live a very private and monastic life, enduring the volcanic conditions and continuing the tradition of standing vigil over the gates to the underworld. They are called the Sejlwaht, or Soul Guards.


Within the Seljwaht there is a division that is saddled with the task of hunting down any souls or underworld beings that might escape from the underworld. These are called the Sejljaeger, Soul Hunter, and the Hwyzjaeg, or Knowledge Hunters. The Hwyzjaeg are the researchers and scholars of the Sejlwaht, assisting the combat oriented Sejljaeger with knowledge and information when they go out to hunt, while the Sejljaeger go out and hunt down souls and other abominations that might have escaped the underworld.


Even amongst their Hellsguard kin or the other races that live in or around Albathia’s Spine, the Sejlwaht are known as a nomadic and reclusive tribe that, for the most part, keep to themselves. Sejlwaht never speak of their true quests to outsiders because of the Seljwaht oath that the truth must stay hidden. They also, however, believe that it would cause more panic and add to an already stressed situation.


Over the years the Sejlwaht, though keeping their reclusive ways, have accepted that they needed to keep a link to the outside world. In that, they have kept in touch with certain Hellsguard and the Sultanate of Ul’dah. Because of this, they were able to learn the common Eorzean language and some customs. In recent years, with the rise of the Umbral age, the mountains wretched and thundered like never before, finally erupting violently when Bahamut was released from his prison.


During this time of upheaval (before the Umbral age, through the Umbral age and up to 1577), the Sejlwaht have sent emissaries down from the mountain. Though for the most part they have kept to their reclusive ways, the elders have realized that to better hunt escaped souls (and also in order to survive), they would have to work in conjunction with the rest of the world. These emissaries are known as the Pfar.


This is the life that Night Rain was born into. His father, Blaetdaeg, was a Sejljaeger archer and his mother a Sejljaeger lancer. At first, the Geisswaht’s believed that their son would be a great hunter like them. They attempted to groom him in the way of the Sejljaeger and he grew to be a large and muscular Hellsguard. As he grew, however, they saw that he had the gift of magic. Night Rain was then given to the keepers of lore of the Sejlwaht to be trained in the ways of magic and to be a Hwyzjaeg (Knowledge Hunter).


Through the seventh Umbral age he stayed mostly with his books and his learning, assisting his parents and his kin Sejlwaht in the ways of the Hwyzjaeg. In the year 1577, he was approached by the elders to not only be a Pfar, but to report back to the Sejlwaht on how far-stretched the beings from the underworld have escaped post-apocalypse.


Personality: Has no real knowledge of the world outside of his tribe except for what he has read. A bit doofy, and very much a book worm, he plays a constant balancing act between his duty to the Sejlwaht and his general want to learn and know about this new world around him. Loves and is fascinated by gadgets and the such.

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The opinion of the little-experienced may not mean a whole lot, but damn. I really like this. There's always this mysticality and mysteriousness surrounding the Hellsguard, and this is incredibly detailed. REALLY like this. :thumbsup:

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I'm sure those with more experience can provide better feedback than I, but I also really like this.  The seriousness of the Sejlwaht contrasts nicely to me with the 'doofy' personality you give him.  Gives lots of room for serious and lighthearted roleplay.

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/munches on pie.


Wow wow wow. I really like how well thought out this is, with the tribe backstories and everything mixed with Hellsguard lore. I really enjoyed reading it (and was sad when it ended, but I guess that's what character progression is for and I need to be patient~). It's going to be interesting meeting your Hellsguard as mine has already integrated into society, can't wait! Great job~! C:

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Reading this again (I seriously like it that much), did you take a little bit of official lore and run with it? I'm just not finding enough lore to make Savarah unique without being a Mary Sue. Unfortunately, this is making my skeleton of a backstory sort of...forgettable. 



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"did you take a little bit of official lore and run with it? "


Now, let me precede this by saying I did not play 1.0, and I haven't been in the beta. I haven't played FF since it came out for the NES, so my lore knowledge was nil, until I did research.



I did take a bit of the official lore and run with it. That's why I was very nervous with writing this out. Mind you, my fiancée and I scoured the internets for Roegadyn information, and we kept finding pretty much the same thing over and over again. The nice thing is that (from what I've seen) the lore is written in such a way that it leaves a bit of wiggle room when writing your own stories.



So, I took that, along with some other fictional stories and some stuff from our real world and history, threw it in a blender, and out came this frothy bit. Then, once I had this story, I got a mentor to take a look at it (THANKS KONNER :lol:) to make sure there was no really big, glaring lore/rp issues. 


It was a bit of a creative process, but (at least I feel) it paid off. I think the big thing when it comes to writing back stories is too look at the world as a whole, and not just what has been zeroed in. Yes, we know what happened in the trailer, and it was really cool. At the same time, however, Eozera is a big world, with billions an billions of little stories going on at the same time. 



 Time and time again I find that those little stories come forth and do the most amazing things. When you do that, however, make sure you respect the lore. There's a huge difference with bending lore and snapping it in half. 



That's my unprofessional 2 peso's worth. Sorry if I went off topic, but.. Yes. I did :lol:


Oh, and if anyone wants to incorporate this or use this to help out with a backstory, by all means. Now that I'm getting some positive feedback, I have no problems if the community wishes to use the "Seljwaht" for anything.




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I like the idea, much like the others.


In your position, I'd start writing up some basics of any rituals, sayings, etc etc that the Seljwaht have so you can incorporate it into the basis of the character. Bounce them off the folks here, and you might even have some takers on joining or using your creation as well :)

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Just finally read through this and I really like it. It's simple, but it has the appropriate depth of backstory and character I would expect, and it gives personality and direction of interest.


I think this is going to be a wonderful jumping off point toward adventure! Bravo!

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