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[Zalera + Mateus] [Crystal DC] A whole lot of Elezens (LFC!)

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Heyo! Lori here, I'm 22/F and I've been playing ffxiv for a while now! I'm caught up on all the expansions, but I'll be mindful of spoilers if you aren't.

Anyways---(sorry for the awkward intro)----I was looking for people to RP with. My main server is Zalera but I also have some leveled-up alts on Mateus as well. I'll try to keep my post fairly concise because I know giant walls of text aren't exactly the most fun to read ;v;; so I'll introduce my characters and give a little blurb about them.

From left to right:
Paveloix Valtin (Zalera) Aquilard Jeulerand (Mateus) Theron Jeulerand (Zalera) Theodric Greystone (Mateus)


Paveloix Valtin (Zalera)

  • Ishgardian 
  • Age 27
  • Cargo Pilot, former engineer
  • Insanely talkative, very outgoing and friendly. Will talk your ear off about anything, but he gets excited around siege engines and airships. Gets flustered if you ask about his personal life, though. Has a bit of an impulsive streak and likes to gamble.
  • He's currently my main and the one I'm on the most --- I would love for him to make more friends! I love love love some casual bantering and stuff! Maybe some slice of life/adventure/drama!

Aquilard Jeulerand (Mateus)

  • Gridanian (Duskwight)
  • Age 41
  • Ex-redbelly bandit, trying to get his life on track
  • On the forefront, he seems like your typical rough-around-the-edges cowboy, but he's a huge softy with a love of music. Prone to wanderlust and has a hard time staying in one place.
  • Drinks way too much for his own good and loves a casual fistfight.

Theron Jeulerand (Zalera)

  • Gridanian (Duskwight)
  • Age 20
  • Junior detective (but insanely awful at it), aspiring actor
  • He's a huge romantic at heart with a passion for theater ---- but he tries to present himself as cold, calculating, and serious. He's got a bit of a short temper and a sharp tongue, but easily softens up.
  • Usually off somewhere, practicing dramatic monologues.

Theodric Greystone (Mateus)

  • Ishgardian 
  • Age 16
  • Aspiring knight, currently a squire (sort of)
  • actually I have a carrd for him, haha https://squire.carrd.co/
  • If any knights are out there looking for a loyal and dutiful squire (who...highkey sucks at fighting) he's the boy for you!



So yeah---here's my current lineup of OCs!

A little about myself is that I'm sort of nocturnal---3pm CSTto 5am CST----and I usually log onto ffxiv around 9pm/10pm CST. Given the whole lockdown/quarantine thing, however, I can log on earlier if you ask me! You can usually catch me on Paveloix Valtin@Zalera or Theron Jeulerand@Zalera. I am very much open to in-game RP but I am also a little more partial to discord RP since I do tend to write out full paragraphs. All servers on Crystal DC are welcome, btw! Over discord, I'm pretty much active all day.  

Anyways, hit me up in game or on discord! ( huge jackedman#5654) Hope to hear from y'all!


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If you ever find yourself in need of equipment or food my femroe artisan is happy to take care of strangers!  (I'm usually on anywhere  from 8pm to 4 AM EST) https://rhothyrt.carrd.co/



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51 minutes ago, Sheep Shifter said:

If you ever find yourself in need of equipment or food my femroe artisan is happy to take care of strangers!  (I'm usually on anywhere  from 8pm to 4 AM EST) https://rhothyrt.carrd.co/



Will do! Also oh my gosh the screenies of her and her partner are so cute ;A;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Thank you!  It took forever to line them up due to the height difference!

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